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UltraMan On DVD

Wed Aug 16, 2006 12:38 am

For Those Old enough UltarMan is out on DVD i remember watching this in the early 70's on the old UHF Ch out of St Louis Mo along with Johhny Soko and his flying robot this is Vol 1 and Vol 2 will come out next Month.
This is the Original version from the 1960's

When the world is threatened by alien invaders and giant prehistoric monsters, there is only one agency equipped to handle the situation, "The Science Patrol," an ultra-sophisticated police force equipped with high-tech weaponry and spacecrafts. Led by Captain Muramatsu, the team defends the planet from the unknown. Unbeknownst to the team, one of their members, Hayata, has the ability to transform into the giant superhero from Nebula M7B, "Ultraman," when all their weaponry can't stop their foes. Episodes include Disc 1: - "Ultra Operation 1," "Shoot The Invader," "Charge Forth, Science Patrol," "Five Seconds Before The Explosion," "Secret Of Miroganda" and "Coast Guard Orders. Disc 2: - "The Blue Stone Of Baraj," "Monster Lawless Zone," "Operation Electric Stone Fire," "The Mysterious Dinosaur Base," "The Rambunctious One From Space," "Cry Of The Mummy" and "Oil SOS." Disc 3: - "Pearl Oyster Defense Order," "The Space Ray Of Terror," "Science Patrol To Space," "Passport To Infinity," "The Brother From Another Planet," "The Demons Once More" and Terror On Route 87."

Wed Aug 16, 2006 4:33 am


This has been posted several times before dating back to February: ... t=ultraman ... &start=150

Still a cool set, though.