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Reservoir Dogs 15th Anniversary DVD Cool Artwork

Wed Aug 02, 2006 5:44 am

Here are the 2 different packages of the upcoming 15th Anniversary Edition of Quentin Tarantino's ultra-violent masterpiece.



Wed Aug 02, 2006 7:15 am

One of the coolest movies I´ve ever seen.

Mr. Pink

Wed Aug 02, 2006 7:22 am

Tarantino has become rich and famous appealing to the lowest common denominator in humanity. He's no different than Larry Flint or (name the porn movie producer of your choice........thankfully I'm unfamiliar with anyone).

I'm not saying he isn't talented. He clearly is.........but I imagine that whomever skulks away with the "Best Director" trophy at the next Adult Movie Awards probably has talent as's just equally as compromised as Tarantino's.

I'll pass.........

BTW, I just saw a segment on some fluffy entertainment TV show where Tarantino spit upon someone whom he spotted (and obviously didn't like) while walking the Red Carpet.


Wed Aug 02, 2006 2:39 pm

Region 1 almost always gets the superior package design. Another example Grease (Rockin' Rydell Edition) to be released in Sept. 2006.

Wed Aug 02, 2006 2:53 pm

Melanie wrote:Region 1 almost always gets the superior package design. Another example Grease (Rockin' Rydell Edition) to be released in Sept. 2006.

We're getting that version here.
Grease - Rockin' Rydell Edition (T-Bird Jacket Packaging) (2 Disc Set)


Wed Aug 02, 2006 4:40 pm

Melanie wrote:Region 1 almost always gets the superior package design.

Hey, you guys got that cool Ultimate Bond set in the briefcase. We'll never see that over here.


P.S. Or was that just released in the UK??

Wed Aug 02, 2006 5:46 pm

The attaché case is exclusive to the UK and Australia.

I am not complaining, I am happy that we get the films on DVD in the amaray case and I already have some of the Moore Bonds on my wishlist, as he recorded cmmentaries and they are the only ones I have been holding out on. A good sign for the upcoming re-releases was when I got "Diamonds Are Forever" for $4 last year. And now I am in no hurry to upgrade, because original mono, as well as plenty of extras and I only watch most of the bonus material only once anyway.

But it's kind of frustrating to see that other countries get more value for their money and the artwork/cover is usually far nicer to look at in the US, because most of the film posters were never meant for international destribution. Now most customers will probably never know about this. If it wasn't for the internet, globalisation and importing the releases, whenever I like Region 1 better, I wouldn't either.

Just one example is "Towering Inferno." Or another example "Patton", one of my favorite films. The Region 2 does omit the commentary by Francis Ford Copolla. This is unfair to Europeans. And the best example of how studios deal with the European market are the Fox Classics like "How Green Was My Valley". US versions boast commentaries, extras etc. and over here we can be happy if we get the right aspect ratio and good quality. Same goes for the MGM musicals. But we pay just as much for the product. ... review.htm

By the way this is the best page to feature screenshots with the reviews.

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Wed Aug 02, 2006 6:33 pm

I bought a Reservoir Dogs VHS box set about 10 years ago and I still have it. It came with 'Mr Blond' hair gel, a 'cut-throat' comb, booklet etc. This is a great movie and I will definately be getting this DVD set. Interesting that it started out as a 20 minute movie 'short'. 8)

Thu Aug 10, 2006 2:43 am

What gorgeous packaging!

I still have the original Region 2 barebones addition. Actually, I loaned it to this girl I knew about a year ago; she's still got it. Women! A good excuse to make a fresh purchase (even if the Region 2 isn't as posh, there's a newer version out now, anyway).

Thu Aug 10, 2006 6:21 am

Screw the it in DTS surround sound?? Me bets not.

The one they just released a couple of years ago was pretty exhaustive.

Excellent interviews on a true Director genius.


I am sorry that you cannot see the difference between QT and an Adult film director???

Especially considering the fact that his movies(or parts that he has directed) have absolutely NO NUDITY!!!!!

This isn't his style. He used to be a porn movie usher and has said that crap is absolutely not what he is interested in.

Any kind of sex in his movies are secondary to the plot. Matter of fact, the sex/rapes that have occurred are set ups for punishment or revenge. Quite the opposite of an X rated flick if you ask me. Anybody spanking to a Tarrantino flick needs their head examined.

I have said it before, and I will say it again. Kill Bill is absolutely one of the best "divorce/estrangement" films ever made. It is full on, full force and made with such an honesty, that I almost stood up and applauded after volume II had ended. Instead I just sat in my seat looking at the people shuffling out and talking and laughing and wanted to say...



Inicidently, my favorite line of QT's regarding Resevoir Dogs.

Hey I just wanted to make a nice Heist movie...except with a little twist. YOU NEVER GET TO SEE THE HEIST!!!!

Lets face it, how many movies let us down by building us up, but yet the "action" is the complete let down. QT lets our minds finish that act, and makes a better movie for it.

Bet none of you people will ever think of "Stuck In The Middle With You" ever in the same way.

One major flaw. Samuel Jackson should have played the black guy in the movie, that was made for him.

Thu Aug 10, 2006 7:39 am

Gene, it's not about nudity. As I said, it's about appealing to the lowest common denominator to make money like a porn director does.

You can appeal to the LCD in many ways...........nudity, excessive violence, appeals to prejudice, demagoguery,etc.

A porn director uses nudity........Michael Moore uses demagoguery.........Riefenstahl used prejudice........Tarantino uses excessive violence.

Tarantino may not use nudity or demagoguery, but he certainly employs one of the methods mentioned..........a porn director may have made a different choice of LCD appeal, but his choice is no worse than the one Tarantino made.

Fri Aug 11, 2006 2:21 pm


Though I do disagree completly and cannot classify QT that way. Perhaps it is the honesty that bothers you. I think me writing another paragraph would be just wasting more words, you are not a fan. Fair enough.

Though curious have you even seen Resevoir Dogs??

The Madonna Like A Virgin explanation is priceless!

Fri Aug 11, 2006 8:04 pm

I agree with geno.

"Kill Bill Volume II" is fantastically mature! The relationship between Carradine and Thurman is amazing. There was another amazing relationship between Robert Forster and Pam Grier in "Jackie Brown". There is also a redemptive angle to "Pulp Fiction" that consistently runs throughout the film. I haven't read anything specific about "Reservoir Dogs", and truth be told, need to watch all of QT's work again, but especially Dogs, yet his works are all stylish, well-written, well-directed, well-acted, well-lit, well-scored and sneakily subversive.

But I can also sympathise with Scatter. Tarantino likes his sex and violence, and because of his approach to humour and wit, the most memorable lines and moments are also some of the most depraved. He's like a seedier version of Kubrick, turning pulp nonsense into true art. But that's just my opinion.

Sat Aug 12, 2006 12:53 am

I don't think he is any worse then Scorsese or De Palma....he just seems that way because of his writing.

Incidently, think of Resevor Dogs. Is it really only appealing to the lowest common denominator?

What about the main story. A man standing up for someone else because he thinks that he can be trusted. He is willing to take a life, or risk his own because he believes so much in him. Even to the point of giving a earth shattering scream because of his final acceptance of the truth!

The relationship between Mr. White and Mr. Orange is yet another example of how QT is misunderstood because of decoration.

Where did QT ever appeal to prejudice?? Scatter must have missed my point about the nudity. One butt in Jackie Brown and that is excessive???

Most often Tarrantino moves the camera away from the violence. I.e. Resevoir Dogs when you don't see the act. Most of the supposed "violence" is just from the sight of blood...yet the bank robbery, which would be where the kill fest took place was absolutely ABSENT!

When does Tarrantino focus in Resevoir Dogs?? Pulp Fiction has similar incidents where violence was taken away.

There are mainstream directors that are far wose. The Godfather is more violent then either example above.