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Leaving Las Vegas soundtrack?

Sun Jul 16, 2006 2:21 pm

... This is the movie with Nick Cage drinking himself to death in Vegas...

It features some great music, and I was wondering, if theres a

soundtrack on cd? If not, can anybody tell me the jazzy tunes, as sung

by Sting, in this movie, where I can find those? I remember Sting

recorded a jazz type album once... Im not a Police/ Sting fan, but

his jazz songs work very well. Thanks!

Sun Jul 16, 2006 3:53 pm

Love the film, but like "True Romance" and "Wild At Heart" better, if we are talking Elvis connection. Anyone ever seen "Finding Graceland?"

IMDb info:

Soundtrack for Leaving Las Vegas (1995)

"Angel Eyes"
Written by Matt Dennis and Earl K. Brent
Performed by Sting
Courtesy of A&M Records, Inc.

"It's A Lonesome Old Town"
Written by Harry Tobias and Charles Kisco
Performed by Sting
Courtesy of A&M Records, Inc.

"My One and Only Love"
Lyrics by Robert Mellin
Composed by Guy Wood
Performed by Sting
Courtesy of A&M Records, Inc.

"Lonely Teardrops"
Written by Berry Gordy, Gwen Gordy and Billy Davis
Performed by Michael McDonald
Courtesy of Giant Records
By Arrangement with Warner Special Products

"Come Rain Or Come Shine"
Written by Johnny Mercer & Harold Arlen
Performed by Don Henley
Courtesy of Geffen Records

Written by Nicolas Cage & Phil Roy
Performed by Nicolas Cage

"I Won't Be Going South (For A While)"
Written by Angelo Palladino
Performed by The Palladinos
Courtesy of Pangaea Records

"The Third Man Theme"
Written by Anton Karas

"You Turn Me On"
Written by Jacques Merali and Alain Bernardin
Courtesy of The Crazy Horse Saloon, Paris

Left side. Overview - Fun Stuff - Soundtrack Listing.

or direct link

This list is not complete, but IMDb is usually the best source with an amazing database.


1. Intro Dialogue - Nicolas Cage/Elisabeth Shue
2. Angel Eyes - Sting
3. Are You Desirable?
4. Ben & Bill
5. Leaving Las Vegas
6. Sera's Dark Side
7. Mara
8. Burlesque
9. On The Street
10. Bossa Vega
11. Ben Pawns His Rolex/Sera Talks To Her Shrink
12. My One And Only Love - Sting
13. Sera Invites Ben To Stay
14. Come Rain Or Come Shine - Don Heley
15. Ben And Sera - Theme
16. Ridiculous - Nicolas Cage
17. Biker Bar
18. Ben's Hell
19. It's A Lonesome Old Town - Sting
20. Blues For Ben
21. Get Out
22. Reunited
23. Sera Talks To The Cab Driver
24. She Really Loved Him
25. I Won't Be Going South For A While - The Palladinos

leaving las

Sun Jul 16, 2006 6:15 pm

... Melanie, youre an angel!