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Religion of Peace?

Thu Mar 23, 2006 6:48 pm

The Muslim cleric calling for the man to be beheaded is considered a moderate!

Re: Religion of Peace?

Thu Mar 23, 2006 7:04 pm

Pete Dube wrote:

The Muslim cleric calling for the man to be beheaded is considered a moderate!

Well, yeah, the hard-liners want him tortured first.

Thu Mar 23, 2006 11:03 pm

There are numerous verses of the Qur'an that call for apostates to be sent to hell, and especially Sura 9:73-74, which mandates earthly war against those who renounce Islam.

There are also sections of the Hadith, notably Bukhari Volume 9, verses 17, 37, 57, 58, 64, and 271, in which Muhammad very plainly tells his followers to execute anyone who dares leave the Religion of Peace.

Isn't that sweet?

Muslim says Quran justified attack in N.C.

March 22, 2006

RALEIGH, N.C. -- The man who hit nine people with a sport utility vehicle on the University of North Carolina's Chapel Hill campus wrote a letter to a television reporter saying he read the Quran's 114 chapters 15 times and found that the Muslim holy book justified the attack.

''I did not act out of hatred for Americans, but out of love for Allah instead,'' Mohammed Taheri-azar, 22, wrote in a letter to Amber Rupinta dated March 10 posted on WTVD's Web site.

Police say that just before lunchtime March 3, Taheri-azar drove a rented 2006 Jeep Cherokee through the Pit, a popular gathering place at the school from which he graduated. The SUV hit nine people, but none was injured seriously. He then drove off and calmly called 911 to surrender.

Taheri-azar faces one charge of attempted first-degree murder and a felony assault count for each of the nine people hit. He is being held in lieu of $5.5 million bail.

In the letter, Taheri-azar reiterated what he has told law officers and a 911 dispatcher, that the attack ''was in retaliation for similar attacks orchestrated by the U.S. government on my fellow followers of Allah in Iraq, Afghanistan, Palestine, Saudi Arabia, and other Islamic territories.''

Taheri-azar wrote that he began his readings of the Quran in June 2003. He called the book ''a scientific and mathematical miracle, so there can be no doubt that it is from a supernatural source.''

Your honor...the prosection rests its case.

Fri Mar 24, 2006 2:36 am

C`mon guys.. lets not go there.. NATO is stepping in

Sun Mar 26, 2006 1:36 pm

No peace in the valley! :cry:


Tue Mar 28, 2006 4:47 pm

I came across the following article, which, interestingly, has the same heading as this thread: ... e=20060327