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Lisa Marie in Entertainment Weekly

Thu Jul 03, 2003 3:55 pm

Lisa made EW's annual "It" list under the category "It Offspring". There is a really cool close-up photo and here's the text:

"Why Her? The pundits and playa hatas had the knives out for Elvis' only daughter. But her hit debut CD, ''To Whom It May Concern'' -- released this spring after years of false starts -- has gotten its fair share of respect, begrudging or otherwise.

Hitting the Ground Rocking Her first gigs were industry showcases, and the next were radio-station shows in venues like Giants Stadium, so ''there was really no runway,'' she says. ''But I'm getting more at ease. The [VH1] 'Divas' thing was probably the most stressful, because it was live, and I'm brand-new on the scene, and white, and wondering why am I here with these amazing singers?''

Yes, Why? ''Because it was cool to throw the rock element in there and break it up a bit, and then [duet] with Pat [Benatar], who was a huge influence on me as a kid.''

Another Unexpected Influence ''Oddly enough, the biggest impact on my life musically has been Pink Floyd. Those songs never, ever go away. That's all I wanted to project -- something timeless.''

Gossip Hounds, Beware ''I understand that people want to place whoever with whichever song. But there are people out there -- thank God -- who are just listening to the songs, not going 'Is this about [ex-husband] Nic [Cage]? Is this about [ex-husband] Michael [Jackson]?' That's expecting a lot, but I know those fans are out there. I've met them.''

Next A summer tour with Chris Isaak."

Considering that EW is notorious for slamming Elvis every chance they get, I think this is a very good sign that they may lay off of her.


Thu Jul 03, 2003 5:59 pm

The Pink Floyd referance to me is interesting. Because, do remember the "Life" magazine cover story they did on Lisa & Pricilla in 1987, or there abouts? I could swear that she said in the article that she "hated" Pink Floyds music! Maybe she changed her mind? I will have to try to find that magazine, I still have it somewhere, around here..........
Elvis & Lisa fan!