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Beatles - Capitol Years vol. 2 announced

Mon Mar 20, 2006 9:48 pm

Capitol Boxes Up More Beatles Albums

March 20, 2006, 12:00 AM ET

Jonathan Cohen, N.Y.
Capitol Records will on April 11 release the Beatles' "Capitol Albums Volume 2," the companion to a 2004 collection that featured the group's first four U.S. album releases. The new edition sports "The Early Beatles," "Beatles VI," the "Help!" soundtrack and the American pressing of "Rubber Soul," all of which were originally released in 1965.

As with the first boxed set, each track is presented in both stereo and mono mixes. Out of the 92 individual tracks, 82 are appearing here in versions previously unreleased on CD. Each album is housed in a sleeve replicating its original LP artwork.

"The Early Beatles" boasts the stereo debut of such favorites as "Twist and Shout," "Please Please Me" and "A Taste of Honey," as well as the first CD appearances of 1963 simulated stereo mixes of "Love Me Do" and "P.S. I Love You." This is the lone album represented in the box that did not reach No. 1 on the Billboard album chart, peaking at No. 43.

"Beatles VI" offers the CD stereo debut of five tracks and the mono debut of four others, plus the first release of Capitol's duophonic mix of "Yes It Is." The "Help!" soundtrack includes five instrumentals from the film, plus five of George Martin's original 1965 stereo mixes. "Rubber Soul" also offers the first CD appearance of Martin's 1965 stereo mixes.

The release of the new box is timed to coincide with the 41st anniversary of the Beatles' reign over the top five slots on the Billboard pop singles chart with "Can't Buy Me Love," "Twist and Shout," "She Loves You," "I Want To Hold Your Hand" and "Please Please Me."

Here is the track list for "Capitol Albums Volume 2":

"The Early Beatles":
"Love Me Do"
"Twist and Shout"
"Ask My Why"
"Please Please Me"
"P.S. I Love You"
"Baby It's You"
"A Taste of Honey"
"Do You Want To Know a Secret"

"Beatles VI":
"Kansas City"
"Eight Days a Week"
"You Like Me Too Much"
"Bad Boy"
"I Don't Want To Spoil the Party"
"Words of Love"
"What You're Doing"
"Yes It Is"
"Dizzy Miss Lizzie"
"Tell Me What You See"
"Every Little Thing"

"The Night Before"
"From Me to You Fantasy" (instrumental)
"You've Got To Hide Your Love Away"
"I Need You"
"In the Tyrol" (instrumental)
"Another Girl"
"Another Hard Day's Night" (instrumental)
"Ticket To Ride"
"The Bitter End / You Can't Do That" (instrumental)
"You're Gonna Lose That Girl"
"The Chase" (instrumental)

"Rubber Soul":
"I've Just Seen a Face"
"Norwegian Wood"
"You Won't See Me"
"Think for Yourself"
"The Word"
"It's Only Love"
"I'm Looking Through You"
"In My Life"
"Run for Your Life" ... 1002199067

Tue Mar 21, 2006 12:41 am

This is great news, but I have a question: Why hasn't A Hard Days Night been released on these sets?

Tue Mar 21, 2006 1:15 am

Pete Dube wrote:Why hasn't A Hard Days Night been released on these sets?

A Hard Day's Night is probably saved for volume 3, as side 2 of the album consists of instrumentals like the Help! soundtrack. Two such albums would be pretty hard to take in one package, largely because most buyers probably don't care about the instrumentals to begin with.

Tue Mar 21, 2006 1:45 am

I'll buy it!


Tue Mar 21, 2006 1:52 am

How was volume 1 ?

Tue Mar 21, 2006 2:00 am


I like the US versions better then the UK versions(hodgepodge or not), so this is very welcome news!

Tue Mar 21, 2006 5:58 am

JLGB wrote:How was volume 1 ?

Vol. 1 featured: Meet The Beatles; The Beatles Second Album; Something New; Beatles '65 in both mono and stereo versions. This sold in some stores for $40.00. A very affordable way to get the Beatles early music on cd!

Tue Mar 21, 2006 6:04 am

genesim wrote:AWESOME!

I like the US versions better then the UK versions(hodgepodge or not), so this is very welcome news!
Thanksfor info!

Tue Mar 21, 2006 6:07 am

Pete Dube wrote:
JLGB wrote:How was volume 1 ?

Vol. 1 featured: Meet The Beatles; The Beatles Second Album; Something New; Beatles '65 in both mono and stereo versions. This sold in some stores for $40.00. A very affordable way to get the Beatles early music on cd!
Thanks! That will get me up to date with The Beatles' regular releases. Not that I have anything outside that except maybe a few Rare Trax volumes...

Tue Mar 21, 2006 9:00 am

I'm one of the ones that is not pleased with this news. What is really need is a class upgrade of the existing British catalogue on individual discs with upgraded sound and liner notes and maybe bonus tracks.

We complain about how BMG shafts Elvis and his fans but although Capitol's Beatles catalogue is much more orderly it is also much more insulting to fans. Unless you're willing to invest in the Capitol US boxes, you have to content yourself with 1987 sound and no historic scholarship or bonus tracks. Even more the releases are premium priced for 30-50 minutes per CD. I'm not saying there should be a flood of re-releases but one class re-release for the whole catalogue like Capitol did with the Beach Boys and Ricky Nelson would be greatly appreciated.

Tue Mar 21, 2006 10:18 am

You gotta admit tho the 87 reissues sound pretty darn solid! but ur right, its amazing that nothing has been done with the original UK releases in this age of repackaging and remastering with bells and whistles.

Tue Mar 21, 2006 12:59 pm

I don't know Kylan, even when they came out they had kind of metallic sound to me and compared to many 90s and later releases in my collection the volume is low. I admit they are tons better sounding than say Warner Brothers releases from the '80s which were just a joke but I wouldn't say they are up to even the Hendrix re-releases of 1993. Sound issues aside, the lack of scholarship is somewhat disconcerting. When I'm buying vintage music, I like to learn about it. The length of the CDs themselves is also a concern. 35 minutes for $18 is not a bargain. The Red album was not issued in that first flush of releases but a few years later but that CD is the height of arrogance. They put it on two cds and it retails for over $30 with a length of just 66 minutes. It could have easily fit on one for half the price.

The Nelson and Beach Boys CDs are collectors' dreams. Maybe the label felt since these are less popular artists they needed more bells and whistles but it is only the Beatles due to give them the same treatment accorded these lesser artists. Once the bar has been raised like it has it's kind of hard to accept something less.

Tue Mar 21, 2006 5:22 pm

I was very impressed with the sound quality of the Vol.1 Capital box. Plus you get the choice of either mono or stereo, which I thought was a nice option to have.

The only British Beatles cd I have is Beatles For Sale, and I'm not knocked out by the sound quality. I'll stick with the U.S. versions given the value for money. As for these not being the real or authentic albums, I'm not that much of a purist. And these are the versions that were originally released in the U.S. way back when.

As for liner notes, heck just get one of Mark Lewisohn's books. He's kinda the Ernst of Beatlesdom.

Wed Mar 22, 2006 1:01 am

First of all, the original UK "masters" were just plain aweful. The sound quality was all over the place.

I grew up with the Capitol records and I enjoy having some singles sprinkled throughout. Meet The Beatles is superb and stamps With The Beatles hands down.

The sound on the new Capital masters are simply awesome and I was actually jamming to them on the way to work today.

It was the American albums that changed the world..not the UK. Until they made it in America....there were just Cliff. :lol:

To adress something else. Hard Day's Night was not included because it wasn't released years later because of copyright issues.

So technically speaking, there were right to wait on the album.

Go here for the full story:

Wed Mar 22, 2006 1:17 am

I'm not buying again!

I have all the original CDs issued in '87... they sound just fine to me, when I need a lil Beatles fix. I have a hard enough time keepin up with Elvis/FTD! :lol:

For those that are gettin them... enjoy!

Elvis fan

Wed Mar 22, 2006 1:25 am

I wouldn't object to an upgrade with singles and alternates attached after the official run through a move that would lead to the elimination of the Past Masters' sets which were kind of a hodge podge. It is important though to at least have the album in the manner that the Beatles' originally intended it. If "Meet the Beatles" stomps "With the Beatles" I would say the British "Rubber Soul" crushes its American counterpart. Even if you go with the American issues there should be some sort of upgrade outside of a box set on the individual albums. Not everyone wants to spring for a box especially when they have all the albums already. The stereo and mono deal is a nice touch and is what Capitol gave with "Pet Sounds".

Pete- I like my liner notes whether there's a book or not. Going CD by CD you can go into the kind of detail on a song by song basis you might miss in a book. Would we be better off without Colin Escott's excellent contribution to Elvis literature which has largely been expressed through his very fine liner notes for the BMG re-release program of the 1990s?

Wed Mar 22, 2006 2:22 am

I wouldn't say "stomp"...more like lightly taps. True "Nowhere Man" is gone, but "Ive Just Seen A Face fits so nicely in its place.

Drive My Car on Rubber Soul is ludicrous to me.

Still doesn't the American Albums eliminate the need for "Past Masters"??? The songs make it in one way or another on all the albums.

Wed Mar 22, 2006 2:50 am

If you get all the music out it eliminates the need for Past Masters. I just would like to see the original albums out remastered as intended with notes. I have no objection to the American albums being available via a box but it seems a slip in priorities to have it out while the 1987 issues are still the only representation of the "official" catalogue out there on single discs.

I don't think "Drive My Car" hurts so much although it does not fit with the folk rock vibe of the album, it fits in that its rhythms coincide with the expansion of the group's artistic sensibilities that is so well represented by the rest of the album. And a lot of great albums have these kind of odd-fitting tracks.

Perhaps a good alternative would be remastered twofers that contain the original albums and their American counterparts where applicable.

Wed Mar 22, 2006 3:00 am

I understand the quandry, but at the same time the American ones are what I grew up with.

To me the alternative...chronological order!

Fat chance on that.

Hey to be fair, you got your UK let the Americans have a chance!

Wed Mar 22, 2006 5:52 am

I find it a bit ironic that many on this board are applauding the fact that Capital is releasing these Beatle cd's in both stereo/mono versions, when about a year or so ago, I suggested that BMG do the same for Elvis and I was overly criticized and ridiculed... :roll:

Anyhow, I'll be first in line to purchase Volume 2 :!:

Wed Mar 22, 2006 5:31 pm

genesim wrote:I wouldn't say "stomp"...more like lightly taps. True "Nowhere Man" is gone, but "Ive Just Seen A Face fits so nicely in its place.

I agree Genesim. I also think It's Only Love was a smart addition to the American version.

Thu Mar 23, 2006 1:56 am

For those that haven't seen it already, the cover art for the second set is also available:


They edited the photo on the cover (originally both Paul and Ringo were holding cigarettes!) :roll:, but at least it looks a lot better than the first volume.

I agree that EMI's lack of British remasters is appalling, but then our complaints at BMG were never concerned with the amount of material that they released, but the way they did it. Logistically Capitol's plan is tight, but it's insulting to think that they never remastered the UK albums or created a collectors label. But there is a dim light at the end of the tunnel, likethebike: there are rumors going 'round that the first four UK albums will be released in remastered form in June of this year! I have my doubts that it'll be that soon (especially so soon after this set), but you never know.

Pete: A Hard Day's Night wasn't included on the first volume because it was released by United Artists, and this is the Capitol box. I think it's a stupid reason since they could have just named the box something else but I suppose there was a reason behind it (it would have been the third disc on the first volume had it been included). Perhaps Capitol don't own all the masters included on the original soundtrack (i.e., the instrumentals)?

Thu Mar 23, 2006 5:40 am

I don't miss the instrumentals as much. As for the album, like I said, it is there titled SOMETHING NEW.

Thu Mar 23, 2006 7:36 am

genesim wrote:I don't miss the instrumentals as much. As for the album, like I said, it is there titled SOMETHING NEW.

Genesim -
Something New has some Hard Days Night songs, but not all of them. The title tune and Can't Buy Me Love are missing.

Thu Mar 23, 2006 2:50 pm


The point is that if they're releasing these albums for nostalgia and the sake of historic completeness, they shouldn't leave anything out. Just as you have your memories of the albums already included, I'm sure someone else is nostalgic for the US print of A Hard Day's Night. What would be the point of releasing all US albums except that one?