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Beatles-"Get Back Winter Of Disconent" DVD Review

Mon Feb 13, 2006 10:44 pm

I know this has been quasi reviewed when it came out, (on the Beatles boards and email lists, but I dont' think here) but would like to add my two cents to this great new release!

Recently, finally got thru the Picture Perfect DVD "Get Back-Winter Of Discontent" DVD after only being able to view portions at a time. In general, I thought the sync jobs on the stereo album were near perfect. Not 100% but well enough not to annoy me. The b&w footage didn't look so bad, as they usually do when sourced from multi generation video
sources. At least syncing up with the nagra's on this part made me understand the dialogue/situations better. Without the visual sometimes you wonder just excatly what they're saying and why those momemts are so funny to them. Facial expressions sometimes say more than just the dialogue. Seeing John having a good time on most of this footage is a bit revalatory. Seems he did have more of a good time once they hit the Apple basement studios with Preston in attendance. "Let It Be" is more depressing than watching these outtakes! The visual quality is a bit better than I've been lead to believe overall. The only negative part is the mostly John and Yoko footage section which is mostly dispensable. This DVD is a nice companion to your bootleg "Let It Be" DVDs-- and especially because of the well done the stereo album (audio and visual quality mostly uniform and excellent!). This part in itself makes this DVD preferable to watching even "Let It Be" in its entirely! Nice to see
the internet "Two Of Us" promo included, as well as the "Let It Be Naked"
promos. Some stuff is missing to make this an "ultimate complete package" but it's well thought out and packaged professionally making this one of the top notch DVD bootlegs to go around and worthy of everyone's collection. If you're not a "Let It Be" film outtakes collector this makes it interesting and one you'll need to have! The bonus footage of "Some Other Guy" from the Cavern is nice as I've never seen the original footage for the song as well as having all the raw footage taken and some used for insert shots is really unexpected and nice to have. I can't wait for future product from Picture Perfect!

Buffalo Wings

Mon Feb 13, 2006 11:03 pm

For some reason I left out that it's a 2 disc set!

Buffalo Wings

Mon Feb 13, 2006 11:58 pm

Great review, thanks!! I have the set and I really like it, it's a great companion to the Let it be film as released by the Hello goodbye/fake apple label.


Tue Feb 14, 2006 12:56 am

BW -

Thanks for the review. Questions:

1) is there a Beatles MB or Web site similar in quality to FECC?

2) is Picture Perfect the best Beatles DVD label?

3) what other Beatles DVDs are worth buying?



Tue Feb 14, 2006 1:03 am

Go here:

Format is the same as this message board (Essentail Beatles board
like this Elvis board is):

I post there as "Beatle Bob".

PP is a new label. The first releases were Chronology Vol. 1 and Vol 2
of the best versions of their promo videos. Essential.

You'll also need; From Mirror Spock label get Ed Sullivan Shows (remastered and in stereo and orig mono) and BETTER than the legit release.

Anthology DVDs Directors cut. 10 DVDS. Early cut and different interviews from legit release.

Beatles at Shea on the Silent Sea label. Best versions of the infamous

Their are various other DVD's of various quality, but this gives you a nice start with titles that look and sound great!

Hope this helps!

Buffalo Wings

Tue Feb 14, 2006 1:06 am

Buffalo Wings wrote:You'll also need; From Mirror Spock label get Ed Sullivan Shows (remastered and in stereo and orig mono) and BETTER than the legit release.

Thanks! What makes MS's version better? It includes the cigarette ads? They found a color tape of August 1965?


Tue Feb 14, 2006 3:01 am

The quality on Mirror spock's ed sullivan dvd is better than the official release.
Plus it has only the beatles performances.
The sound quality is the best I have ever heard from those shows, really crisp and clear.
I have around 200 beatles bootlegs dvds, and I recommend all the picture perfect discs (anthology directors cut, 10 discs and chronology (2 discs)).
there are also great dvds of the Tokyo 66 shows, with bonus footage of the arrival and press conf.
From the Beat label there's a 10 dvd collection of great stuff in very good quality. For the hardcore collector, the fake apple label has cronological dvds of everything beatles filmed ever, with more than 40 dvds.


Tue Feb 14, 2006 4:46 pm

Dear Dr JC,

Here's my review from the Beatleg Forum posted on 5/10/05. Hopefully this will help:

Hello all!

Review: Mirror Spock’s “Ed Sullivan Shows” (1 DVD)

When I first heard of Mirror Spock remastering the Beatles performances on the Ed Sullivan shows, I thought to myself why? I know some other collectors did too. What else needed to be done that the legit DVD collection didn’t already offer in terms of sound and visual presentation? I already had a clue as to the visual upgrade I could expect by noticing on the back cover of the DVD keepcase, that the screen captures taken from each show, looked extrodinarily
clearer than I’ve ever seen. This intrigued me. The disc does not have a paste job on it, rather it appears to be silk screened. Another clue for me as to the work and quality involved. The disc opens up with a beautiful menu that you can access any show, play all, or go to chapters. Works better than most legit pressed DVDs! We are given two choices for the audio: A remastered mono and a stereo presentation.
First I choose the mono option and compared it to the legit DVDs. First off, the Mirror Spock plays louder and has more punch to it and is preferable to the legit DVDs mono. The stereo image he created works well enough to sense instrument and vocal seperation. Yes, it works. It’s like quasi stereo probablly, but it does bring out the performances to a different level hearing it sonically this way. It improves your enjoyment ten-fold.

Now in regards to the visual quality, I did always think the legit DVD’s looked fuzzy and not clear for something that was supposed to come from the master video tapes. It always disappointed me. As soon as you start viewing Mirror Spock’s—-the jump in clarity stunned me! To me it looks as if he had access to the actual video masters and the legit DVDs now look as if they are old bootleg VHS quality. Sections where there was smear and ghostliness are basically cleaned up. The contrast from camera shot to camera shot is now consistant and scratches and distortions are fixed so that stretched aspect ratios are adjusted. In those cases you have what seems to be a smaller image on the screen with slight black lines on edges. But that’s ok as those shots are now normal ratio. Mirror Spock did cut out the supporting acts and commercials and only Beatles content is left intact; some crossfades are needed to help with the transitions. I can live without the supporting acts and commercials as I have those on the legit DVDs. What’s great about this is that it’s just the Beatles performances. They look clearer and cleaner than anything I’ve ever viewed before from these shows, and the sound is improved and just as good remastered in mono as well as in Mirror Spock stereo.

Definitely search this one out. You won’t be disappointed and you will find it(like I do)to be an essential addition to your Beatles bootleg DVD collection and the one Ed Sullivan DVD you'll ever
need to enjoy those classic performances!

Buffalo Wings

Thu Feb 16, 2006 12:35 am

Thank you for the additional information!