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Peter Benchley dies.

Mon Feb 13, 2006 2:48 am

Peter Benchley dies. 65 yrs old.

Author of aqua-thrillers "JAWS" and "THE DEEP" and "THE BEAST"

Mon Feb 13, 2006 5:41 am

I just got back home and heard the news. Peter was a great guy who signed about a hundred copies of Jaws books and posters for me over the years for various charity auctions. In 2001, he surprised me with a personally inscribed first edition of Jaws, which I will always cherish. My heartfelt prayers go out to Wendy, Tracy, Clay and Chris.


Mon Feb 13, 2006 7:38 am

I remember going to Daytona Beach in 1975. I pretty much stayed in the pool the entire time thanks to that guy!

May he rest in peace anyway.