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Beatles-"Messages To Australia" - New Yellow Dog B

Fri Jan 20, 2006 5:14 pm

Here's my quick review:

Gave it a quick spin last night. The "messages to Australia" seem to be complete from what everyone's saying (never had them before) and the sound is excellent from the Abbey Road master tapes. But nothing you'll be playing more than once. Just worth keeping if you're a competest (and guess it's the only really new material that's here)Lots of, "Hello this is Paul. We'll see you soon...", etc, type of stuff--for almost 3 minutes. First concert from Melbourne '64 I have on disc, on the "Jelly Beans Hailing in A Dreamlike Noise" and on "All The Best From Ausralia". Sound quality is about the same. MAYBE slightly better? The 2nd show from Adelaide '64 is of lesser quality but, an excellently performed concert that I've never had. Overall it's worthy of having for the sound on the first concert and the performance of the 2nd, and I guess to also fill in a hole
in my bootleg collection. Also nice to have an rare original factory made Yellow Dog bootleg for a change!

Buffalo Wings
aka "Beatle Bob" on Beatles Message Boards and "Cal" on Beach Boys
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P.S. I love this site. I may do more lurking as I don't know as much
about Elvis as I do the Beatles, but I sure have been guided by so many of you over the years in terms of what bootlegs and legit cds I needed to upgrade my Elvis cd collection...thanks all! :)

Sat Jan 21, 2006 11:30 pm


I was searching thru my collection and found I had the Adelaide show
on a Silent Sea disc. In comparison, this show does sound superior
on this new YD disc. Not by much, but definitely a bit more spacious
mono, less muffled, but still not 100% perfect. The Melbourne show I was
able to compare again vs my All The Best From Australia and Jelly
Beans Hailing in a Dreamlike Noise and found that the new YD wins
out slightly when I play it on the stereo speakers. Just a notch better but

Maybe they digitally cleaned up both shows, but I can 100% say
that this new YD disc is definitely "core collection".

Buffalo Wings

Sun Jan 22, 2006 1:26 am

I haven't heard the Melbourne show. Thanks for info.

I've heard:

Live 9-3-64 Indiana State Fair
and- Philly (very day before)

Indiana has better sound quality.

and heard:

1963 Live 10-24_Stockholm
1964 Live 1-19_Paris
1965 Blackpool Night Out