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Big Brother.

Fri Jan 13, 2006 1:42 am

Well, its getting really exciting in the Big Brother house now.

Its even taking me away from the PC at times. :lol:

Jodie(childcatcher from Chitty Chitty Bang Bang) Marsh is still moaning about how everyone is ganging up on her.

Rula Lenzka is imitating a elephant then a gorilla.

George Galloway is happy as a pig in s*#t cause he is ordering everyone around.(get back to work)

Dennis Rodman and Pete Burns are told to talk to plants to see if they can make them grow(Pete has killed his already).

Michael Barrymore is either laughing or crying.

Traci Bingham is looking as sexy as ever.

I cant type any more cause im missing it on E4.

Yes, i know i should get out more.Oh, i sound like a poet. :wink:

Fri Jan 13, 2006 4:45 pm

Is that still on?? :roll:


Fri Jan 13, 2006 6:00 pm

Marco is my big brother. :D

Fri Jan 13, 2006 11:40 pm

Me and the Mrs are also hooked on this series, the best one so far.

Though i was put off last night, when Pete Burns got up out of his chair in the diary room, and one of his bollocks popped out of his g-string! I was eating nuts at the time......did`nt half make me feel sick.

Jodie Marsh must get the boot tonight.

Sat Jan 14, 2006 1:03 am

Yeah, it is very addicted.But while im watching it i realise how sad i am but it hasnt put me off. :lol:

Jodie got kicked out.
No doubt she will sell her story to the weekend papers and slag Barrymore, Burns and Galloway off.

I can understand why people turned on her.She is just so full of herself.

She is pretty gross, to be honest.Got an IQ of 132 but is totally thick as a plank.

Sun Jan 15, 2006 9:28 am

Renan wrote:Marco is my big brother. :D

Where is he Renan? I've been missing your twin (the good looking one)!!

:lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:

Sun Jan 15, 2006 6:19 pm

Wonder what Jim will get up tonight?
Glad Jodie's gone.

Mon Jan 16, 2006 12:54 am

It's utter crap!

Mon Jan 16, 2006 1:31 am

944cabby wrote:It's utter crap!

There is a simple answer to that.Dont watch it.

But you are right though. :wink:

Mon Jan 16, 2006 1:36 am

how bout another answer? who cares! :lol:

Tue Jan 17, 2006 7:20 pm

silver wrote:
Renan wrote:Marco is my big brother. :D

Where is he Renan? I've been missing your twin (the good looking one)!!

:lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:

He is in vacation. So he is taking a long rest until the end of January.
While that I´m here working. (at least I should be). :) :D

German Version Of "Big Brother"

Sun Jan 22, 2006 8:26 am

In Germany we have a version of this show that is called "Big Brother - The Village". I think it's the fifth season of this show. They have build a "village" with houses in three different cathegories. One house is some kind of crappy, the second has a middle class standart and the third one is more luxurious. The team is devided in three groups and they have to fight matches. Depending on how successful the teams where, they move into the different houses. To make the money they need for living the teams have to work on a farm, in a garage or as designers (all three "jobs" are some kind of a joke, but anyway...). The poor team as to work for the rich team, too. With cleaning and ironing and stuff like that they can earn some extra money. This Big Brother season was planned to run "forever", but now they will finish the show next month. Maybe after five seasons the audience is getting tired of Big Brother.