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FedEx and P.O. Box numbers in the USA.

Thu Jan 12, 2006 11:54 am

FedEx do not accept P O Box number addresses. There depot is about six miles from us.

Yesterday we tried to send a package to a P O Box in Tupelo MS. FedEx guy tells us the new policy (7/11) prevents us using box number addresses. He tells us to try DHL at Dublin Airport, a few miles away

We do, and just as the guy at DHL accepts our money we tell him of our FedeX experience. "That's our policy too!" So he cannot send it either.

We go home and e-mail the guy in Tupelo for a business address. He sends us an address in Saltillo MS.

Off we go to FedEx again. Fill in the forms and the girl asks us how are we paying? "Cash" we say.

"We dont accept cash", she replies! "In case of Robbery".

We do not have our cheque books or credit cards!!!

"We do accept Postal Orders" she says. So off we go to the post office, a few miles away

Return to FedEx and the package is finally accepted and the guy in Saltillo may get it today?

Taking care of Elvis business can be very time consuming, frustrating, and EXPENSIVE!

So remember guys no P.O. Box numbers for rapid international delivery services to the USA.