Off Topic Messages

Thu Dec 15, 2005 7:10 pm

likethebike wrote:I think Pryor is one of those rare people that deserve fawning praise. Like I said, it's hard to tell from his movies where he was just another talented comedian. And like I said so many comics copied him that it seems blase' but he was working on such a different level at the peak of his skill as a standup performer that you can't even make a comparison one to one with those performers because Pryor is operating in his own realm.

I also think comedy in general doesn't get enough respect both in the movies and TV and on stage.

I agree, as Academy Awards and critics have a hard time with comedy.

I personally prefer in (or did when I was a kid) in vehicles like "STIR CRAZY" to a lot of his more potent stand-up.

He was kind of a mess personally, best represented by his infamous crack cocaine fire. Is that a hero?

I prefer the movie roles as his personal life was just off-putting and I really don't know how much of the racial comedy I could watch over and over as opposed to a film.

Fri Dec 16, 2005 12:15 am

I don't think anyone is painting him as hero but as a trailblazing artist. Edgar Allen Poe for one was a wreck as a human being but that doesn't diminish his work in any way.

And a big part of Pryor's importance was his flaws. He was most definitely human. That could have been a more extreme version of you or I on that stage.

Fri Dec 16, 2005 12:25 am

Fair enough, and I figured this would be pointed out, much as would be
for anyone critiquing Elvis' sad decline.

There's something about that crack fire/ suicide attempt that still
effects how I see not everything that came after, but everything before it.

I hate to be judgemental but it just seems to make him seem
especially messed up.

Maybe I need to go back and watch his stuff or hear his records.