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Elvis Impersonators

Sat Nov 12, 2005 4:55 pm

What do you think of Elvis Impersonators? I don't like most of them, but the one that I really like alot is Lou Vuto at Memories Theater in Pigeon Forge TN. He doesn't try to be Elvis. He talks and acts like himself, but he sounds just like Elvis when he sings.

Sat Nov 12, 2005 5:39 pm

Welcome to our forum. Personally I'm not fond of impersonators, but that's just my point of view.

Sat Nov 12, 2005 7:44 pm

A poll was already started oon this in the last week if that helps.

also, this is probably better off in the off topic section.

Elvis Impersonators

Sat Nov 12, 2005 7:52 pm

....We would be better off if these jokers would do their thing on another planet! BANZAIIII !!!

Re: Elvis Impersonators

Sun Nov 13, 2005 3:04 am

Tallhair AKA Ger Rijff wrote:....We would be better off if these jokers would do their thing on another planet! BANZAIIII !!!

me and you both Ger!!

Sun Nov 13, 2005 3:53 am

The Greatest Impersonator of All-Time, ELIERT PILARM is the name.

from Sweden?? The ultimate & just unbelievable King of Comedy

Sun Nov 13, 2005 5:15 am

Welcome to the board. I created one poll for this: ... hp?t=19329

Best Regards!

Sun Nov 13, 2005 9:32 am

I have seen a t-shirt somewhere that reads: If the world was fair, Elvis would be alive and all the impersonators would be dead!

And it's true.

Sun Nov 13, 2005 10:31 am

not all

there are some still doing a very good job, i've seen footage of Max Pellicano and heard him too, i'm going to see his show in 2 weeks, its TRIBUTE ARTISTS like these that should stay, the others that make fun of him by putting a wig, jumpsuit, and going 'thangyaverymuch', in a deep mumbling voice do hold true to johnny Carsons famous phrase.

i'd like to post you my 11 minute version of 'baby what you want me to do', which i'm not directly trying to sound like an impersonator.

also, heres one of my best songs to sing, good time charlie