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It's Official: Arrested Development is Cxld

Fri Nov 11, 2005 5:23 pm

Fox has made it official by announcing that Arrested Development has been cancelled. The network cut their original order of 18 episodes down to 13 and said that the production will wrap after that. The critically acclaimed and Emmy winning show was on the brink of cancellation last season. However, low ratings (mainly due to being shuffled in the schedule to accomodate baseball) sealed it's fate this year. In my opinion, this was one of the best shows on TV, and I for one will miss it terribly. Thank God for DVD.


Mon Nov 14, 2005 11:12 am

kitchen confidential and arrested developement got axed together.

can't say i'm missing ad...i saw 5 minutes because a friend wanted me to see it...gah. terrible.

:crosses fingers: bones apparently is going strong and was officially given a full 22 episodes. yay. it survived baseball season.

only that means there's less of a chance of an angel theatrical movie a la firefly got with serenity. :cry: there's still hope with tim minear being asked to pen a spike telepic. but i'm really glad that david boreanaz's show is doing awesome. it keeps getting better with each episode and the ensemble cast is strong--tj thyne was actually an extra in season 5 of ats.

bones is a lead-in to house. and house made it because it had american idol as a lead-in last year...i think i heard something about american idol is going to become bones' lead-in...more good news.

but yeah, fox has a tendancy to put shows on the chopping block. people are still reeling about firefly which didn't even get a full season (check out the boards). that seems to be one of the most complained about cancellations right now on fox (and that was several years ago). fox's wb has similar complaining about the cancellation of angel--to the extent that the wb head honcho who cancelled it got fired.

yeah fox has gotten a reputation for premature cancellation. though i can't say i'm too sorry to see arrested developement go. overrated, imo. it's silly, avant-garde and weird.

Mon Nov 14, 2005 11:50 am

Gack! Too "avant-garde" and "weird"?

Perhaps something like Mama's Family might be more your speed.

Arrested Development is/was one of the best shows on television, arguably the best sitcom left out there in a sea of dreck.

I'll miss it a lot.

I don't trust Fox to make good on its promise to bring it back to finish its (shortened) run.

I just hope they can pull the loose ends together for a good DVD set of the third season.

This is one of those shows like Action! or Freaks and Geeks that go largely unappreciated during its run -- and then are mourned and lionized by people who never watched them until they were relegated to cable reruns.