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To Tom: Possible Special Edition DVD's

Wed Oct 19, 2005 6:07 pm

This question is for our resident expert on films and dvd's :D :

Do you know if there are any possibilities in seeing any of these 1980's films on a special edition dvd release in the near future?

Crocodile Dundee
Running Scared
Airplane II

Also, I've been looking for the Burt Reynolds film W.W. & The Dixie Dance Kings on dvd. Any word on when/if it will ever see a dvd release?

Wed Oct 19, 2005 6:22 pm

Four great films, indeed. Unfortunately, I haven't heard of any plans for SE's of any of them. There was talk about a year ago of an SE for Wallstreet, but Oliver Stone has put that on hold. Also, how well the Airplane-Don't Call me Shirley Edition sells should determine if Airplane II gets one. My guess would be you won't see one. There was also a rumor of an SE of Running Scared being produced (with commentary by Billy, Gregory, and Jimmy), but nothing ever came of it.

W.W. & The Dixie Dance Kings has yet to see the light of day on DVD, but fear not, it's coming. No word on a release date, but insiders say look for it in mid 2006.