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Mon Oct 17, 2005 5:18 pm


Is that correct? Where did you get that info?

Mon Oct 17, 2005 5:19 pm

Sure thing. Hang on, it is gonna take a little while to type it out.

Mon Oct 17, 2005 5:38 pm

Broccoli`s ( or however its spelt) Mrs was asked on a Five Live interview a couple of years ago. Maybe thats why dear old Roger was allowed to go on for so long, what was he when he made his last Bond film, 57 ? The box office talks baby !

Mon Oct 17, 2005 5:45 pm

Interesting! Surely the Brosnan movies were successful though?

Mon Oct 17, 2005 5:52 pm

So here is the entire phone call from Ron Pietrafeso in Denver to Elvis in Memphis. I didn't want to put the quake out of context. What do you think? The way Elvis tells it. Now we all know that the flashlight he was carrying around all the time was of some use after all. And he says SOB three times. LOL. I also had a good laugh at him wanting to run out in his underwear. Poor guy. And those annoying interior decorators. But more serious is probably the glaucoma. And in the end where Ron mentions his mother. I mean does he mean Dee Stanley or what? If so, he couldn't have known Elvis very well, because I thought he never considered her his mum? Too weird. I wonder if that second Vegas trip, Ron visiting, ever took place.

Date: Early April 1971
Source: Moody Blue and Other Great Performances (CD)

What'cha been doing... recording there?
Well, that's what I was doing. I was in the process of making an album, but that eye thing just blue everything sideway, you know.

Oh yeah?
So I gotta. I am going to L.A. and spend Easter with the family.

But I still gotta go out and make that album. I gotta make a Christmas album, a gospel album, and a couple of singles.

Then after that go on a short tour. Then be back in Vegas in August this summer.

Oh yeah, when do you think you'll be there?
I don't know Ronnie. Either July or August.

July or August uh?
But we are gonna go on some tour before then.

Man, I sure wanna thank you for the good time we had there in Vegas.
Well good.

We really enjoyed it.
I am glad ya'all did.

Yeah, my wife just, that was an experience she'll never forget.
(laughs) You bet.

She really enjoyed it. And if you are gonna be out there again, maybe we can make it out there again.
I'll be out there August. Just let us know. Let Joe know. We'll be at the same place. It is usually better in August. It is usually better for us because the crowd. It is a much more exciting crowd.

We get a lot of younger kids there because school is out and everything.

Yeah, get a wilder crowd.
Yeah. It is pretty exciting. It is not really wild. It is just a little more excitement.

Tried to call your house today and you must have had the number changed or something?
I just did. We just had it changed because they were bothering the hell out of my wife.

Yeah, that is what I figured.
You know we are going through the process of interior decorating. And every interior decorator in the world knows about it.

Oh God.
So they are all calling. So we had to change the number.

Because they don't care what time of night they call.

So I had to change it for her.

Yeah. How is she and the girl?
They are all fine. She is fine. The baby is taking swimming lessons.

She is three years old you know. She turned three while I was there in Vegas.

Yeah I remember you talking about having to charter a plane to fly her presents back.

(laughs) That is the damn truth, man. The kid got more presents.

Hey, did you have any problems with your house in the earthquake or anything?
No, no. I will tell you what, that International Hotel almost fell. That SOB was rocking back and forth.

No kidding.
I swear to God. I went to bed at six o'clock in the morning. And Priscilla was there. I laid in bed and thought "God almighty what is going on here" The bed was moving, see.

So I got and walked out in that hallway. Had my flashlight and my fun in one hand.

I looked at the big chandelier hanging over the dining room table.

That SOB was shaking, man, back and forth.

It was the weirdest feeling I ever had in my life Ron.

Yeah I bet. Up there on the top of everything.
I opened the door to see if the wind was blowing.

No wind blowing.

You know I think that happened the Monday we left. Wasn't it the day that Priscilla came in?
Yeah right.

Yeah, well see, we saw her at the airport when we were leaving.
Yeah, yeah, that's right. It happened that day or the next day. Well it was the weirdest feeling I have ever had.

I'll tell ya, I have sat through them here in Denver. Not nothing that bad, but it is a wild feeling.

I have sat at the kitchen table and watched a three-foot-tall weed out in the flower bed bounce back and forth. And Ginger was outside. I walked out and asked her if she felt it. She never even felt it but it darn ner shook me out of the chair.
Well I tell you what, it was the weirdest feeling I ever had. Because that big hotel was moving now, back and forth.

Oh yeah.
It is supposed to move and that SOB was doing it boy! I was ready to get out of that place man. I was heading for the elevator in my underwear.

That third show was gonna be a dilly, boy.

Yeah (laughs)
Tell them hello for me, would ya?

Yeah. Everybody is doing fine.
Tell them I asked about them and I am doing okay. The eye thing was a little more serious than they put in the paper.

Well you never know if they are playing it up or down.
I told them what to put in the paper. I told them to say "eye infection" because that is what I want it to be. It was glaucoma.

Umm. Well I am glad everything is coming out okay.
But it is gone. It is all cleared up. I am out running around now.

Umm. Hey is Lamar out there with you?
No, he is in Nashville

Really? You don't have the number where I could get hold of him do you?
Just a second. Let me get Charlie back on. Charlie, get him a number to reach Lamar. Ron, I am gonna take off.

Well hey, tell Joe and Sonny and everybody hello for me. Jerry and all.
I sure will. I also got another promotion. I got promoted to fourth-degree black belt in karate.

Oh no kidding?
Yeah. See I continued when we got back here to Memphis.

So I got promoted to fourth-degree black.

Good deal. Hey that is great.

Are you at your folks house?

You at your fols house? Your mom's and dad's?
At my house, yeah

Tell them hello for me.
I sure will.

I don't know if they'll remember me.
Yeah, they'll remember. Ah, they don't live here Ron. My Grandmother lives here. It threw me when you said that.

They live in another house on another street, right by this house.

Oh yeah.
But nobody lives here except my grandmother and my aunt.

Oh yeah.
But I'll tell them you said hello. Yeah.

Okay, good enough. Well he guy, it is good talking to you. Take care of yourself.
I'll talk to you later.

You bet.

Mon Oct 17, 2005 6:01 pm

Melanie wrote:And in the end where Ron mentions his mother. I mean does he mean Dee Stanley or what? If so, he couldn't have known Elvis very well, because I thought he never considered her his mum?

I can imagine Elvis being quite peeved at that!

Thanks for taking the time to post that Melanie! 8)

Mon Oct 17, 2005 6:06 pm

You are welcome.

Ron recorded the call without Elvis prior consent and knowledge, which is not a noble thing to do. If he would have known, he might have kicked his butt. I mean fourth-degree black babyyyy!!! 8)

But now it is a brief, unique glimpse into his private life. And pretty cool too. I mean who would have known that Lisa got more presents than him with all those fans too? :D