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Buddy Holly : still no definitive cd box!

Wed Oct 05, 2005 1:44 pm

Why is there after all these years still no CD box set available of Buddy Holly?
Is the record company not interested in him or would it sell not so well , they could have done it by now.
I listend recently to the 6 lp set "Buddy Holly" and it was great to hear it again i must say!


Wed Oct 05, 2005 2:21 pm

I can't answer your question but I do know this has been discussed before. If I'm not mistaken, it had something to do with copyrights. I'm sure, err, buddy holly (not THE Buddy Holly, I'm talking about one of the FECC members!) will be able to answer your question.

Keith Richards, Jr.

Wed Oct 05, 2005 3:05 pm

Yes he can help with info...he read one of my post"s on this very thing etc and he sent me some useful links etc.

It is a same that there is so much legal stuff ,keeping the box set from coming true.

One will happen"...but when?.

Wed Oct 05, 2005 4:15 pm

It is to do with copyright according to Bear Family.

I believe McCartney owns the rights to Buddy's music doesn't he.

Buddy Holly, along with a few others... Billy Fury included.... are the only few people in the Rock n Roll field, who have never had a CD box set released.

It's about time they did something about it

Wed Oct 05, 2005 5:13 pm

All talks were finalized and everybody agreed to the terms, so preparation for a CD box including previously unreleased material started. Then Norman Petty died. And the copyright problems were there again. Good thing is that in 5 years time all Buddy Holly's music is free of copyrights in Europe!

Wed Oct 05, 2005 5:50 pm

Buddy holly online is a great link ! Bill Griggs is the man when it comes to Buddy Holly and 50's R and R.

As mentioned above it is all to do legal rights, which still has not been resolved after all these years. Buddy Holly's parents signed over everything to Norman Petty after their sons death. They had little or no business sense. There was deep resentment between Holly's wife and Norman Petty. I have heard that there has been an attempt rather recently to fix this legal mess and hopefully it will soon be resolved !

A Buddy Holly box set on CD is something that I have been waiting for a long time !

Wed Oct 05, 2005 6:59 pm

I´m also waiting for a long time and I for one will definately buy as soon as it is available....

Wed Oct 05, 2005 8:59 pm

Thanks all for your replies!!

Let's hope they can solve all the problems and get that Box set out, i would be the first to buy it (well.. maybe second after member Buddy Holly i assume..) :lol: