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The Godfather Saga: A Novel For Television

Fri Sep 30, 2005 5:09 pm

I've been watching the Godfather Saga (re-edited versions of The Godfather I and II in chronological order)this past week on Spike TV, and imo this version is much easier to understand the background of the Corleone family as compared to the others (though they are classics w/o a doubt). It's also refreshing to see the additional scenes that were left out of the original versions (such as when Genko is on his death bed).

Any chance of this version coming out on dvd?

Fri Sep 30, 2005 5:13 pm

It was rumored a few years back that this was going to be released, but word is that Coppola nixed it as it was not his original vision of the films.


Fri Sep 30, 2005 11:08 pm

I just got through watching the Godfather I and II, and the re-edit does many terrible things.

First it puts in scenes that simply don't work. Like hunting down the killer of his first wife in Sicily..what the hell for? It was obvious that he was only a button man. I should think it goes without saying.

Plus the key to part II was showing the parrallel between Michael and Vito. With it in Chronological order, it takes away from Michaels story. The end of Part II is much more gripping when you see Vito waving Michaels hand. The same goes for the rest of the footage. Time and time again the point is hammered home. A man can never be considered a real man unless he spends time with his family. Having Michaels part alone weakens the last part of the movie. Kind of like taking out the flash backs in Kill Bill...where is the mystery?

Think about it. You have a pre-concieved notion of Vito and Robert DeNiro then the classic Marlon Brando presentation has to come after?? Only with some time to forget the perfection can you forgive the change. Al Pacino helps gloss this by his tour de force expression in the last half of Part I. That is why the slow downfall is that much more saddening. Again, this is where the comparison flashbacks work. We see a rise and fall happening silmultaneously and that in point becomes the power of the fade out ending. I can't imagine it any other way.

Though I like the scene that Big Boss Man adressed, most of them were pure throwaways that slowed the movie a crawl! Genco, as much as I liked the scene, had absolutely nothing to do with the main story.

I prefer the Godfather II in its original academy award winning form. If I have to watch the mediocre extras, then they are all there on the DVD collectors edition.