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Kinds of movies you don't like

Thu Sep 22, 2005 8:13 am

I know from some texts posted here that we have many horror fans and fans of fantasy super heroes etc. However, we all have types of movies that we just don't warm too. I mean there are exceptions to every rule but there are some styles of movies where even if the movie gets good notices I approach with trepidation.

At the top of my list are action movies cut from the Jerry Bruckenheimer cloth. You know the stuff with a bunch of explosions and a lot of catch phrases. I'm a really a story/character type guy and unless those things there are there even the most well choreographed action is just stuff happening. Even when it is relatively done as in "Con-Air" once is enough for seeing that stuff and I'm a little bored by the end. On the other side of the coin are what they used to call women's movies. I don't mean romantic comedies or even love stories what I'm talking about are weepies with a forever dumped upon heroine or a dumped upon heroine who meets a dream man who comes out of nowhere like "Bridges of Madison County."

I'm also not a fan of disaster movies or Biblical or historic type epics because story and character are so often ignored. Again, I want to clarify that I don't mean period based films but greatest story ever told type deals.

What are yours?

Thu Sep 22, 2005 8:25 am

LTB, I was going to post something similar...
Mine are: Quentin Tarantino movies and just about every Adam Sandler movie (with a few exceptions).

Thu Sep 22, 2005 12:20 pm

I'm a sucker for almost any type of movie, and there's no genre that I can't say I won't watch. But there are a few specific movies that just get my goat for no real reason:

The Third Man - always hated that movie, for reasons that I cannot put my finger on. If pushed I would say it's that bloody awful music.

The Sound of Music - enough said. Nuns and Nazis - who the hell thought of putting those two together, and topping it off with the most saccharine songs imaginable?

The Naked City - or any of those 1950s, fly-on-the-wall, pseudo-realistic movies. What's the point of them?

The Blair Witch Project - just didn't get it.

Thu Sep 22, 2005 1:26 pm

Stephen -

When I was a young lad in the late forties, we used to make a family visit to the cinema every Sunday afternoon.

For some unknown reason, I refused to go to see The Third Man, and no amount of threats or persuasion could change my mind !

In the end I stayed home with an older sister.

It is the only film I ever missed like that, and I've never seen the complete film to this day.

And I quite liked that zither music !

Thu Sep 22, 2005 1:44 pm

You've got to be kidding, Carolyn! Have you seen "Giant", you know the James Dean movie? This was the first performance by Liz Taylor I ever saw, and I was so stunned by her beauty and charisma that I bought a portrait of her the next day. It's now on my wall now next to Bob Dylan and Scott Walker. I am officially in love with that girl.

My pet hate movies are costume dramas. You know, English movies set in the 19th century. I don't think I've ever seen one of those all the way through. :evil:

Action movies are not my cup of tea. I don't have one single action movie in my DVD collection. I do, however, enjoy seeing them once in a while, especially on the big screen. Good entertainment.

Keith Richards, Jr.

Thu Sep 22, 2005 1:54 pm

Carolyn -

Keith is right !

You sure got Elizabeth Taylor wrong !

I remember seeing Ivanhoe at the cinema, and I couldn't believe that he chose Joan Fontaine over the gorgeous Liz !

Thu Sep 22, 2005 1:55 pm

ColinB, Pulp Fiction is to me, what The third man is to you...

Thu Sep 22, 2005 3:21 pm

How come you don't like "Pulp Fiction", Scarre? It's over-familiar now but I still love that movie. You're right about Adam Sandler, though. I can't stand that guy. He only has one expression, and he doesn't look too smart, does he?

Keith Richards, Jr.

Thu Sep 22, 2005 3:42 pm

I'm a little partial to drama/suspense movies. Things like "The Shining," as one example. Every now and then I like a dopey horror flick, too, and some comedies are always a kick. But at the end of the day I go for the suspenseful movies.

Thu Sep 22, 2005 3:51 pm

I don't care for Quentin Tarantino's films, and I also don't like Robert Altman's. Talk about overrated.

I'm very finicky about comedy, and don't usually go to see them when they're in the movie theaters. Most of Chevy Chase's films just aren't that funny to me. The 'Vacation' movies are pretty good. Two comedies that I greatly enjoy that are similar are It's A Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad World and Rat Race. And There's Something About Mary had me laughing so hard I fell off the couch! I also enjoyed Napoleon Dynamite.

Thu Sep 22, 2005 4:02 pm

Oops, I forget to add: I hate with a passion films that have no real ending or end ambiguously. Damn it all, guy gets girl, or good triumphs over evil or some other type of wrap up, but not that everything is left hanging up in the air and it's what you make of it crap!

Thu Sep 22, 2005 4:16 pm

As you guys have probably guessed, I watch a ton of movies and I would be hard pressed to say that I like this genre vs. that genre. What I watch depends on my mood. Action, comedy, drama, horror, documentary, musical, I love them all. In fact, I am so enamored with the whole filmmaking process, that I can find something good in just about every film I see. Long, drawn-out, boring epics usually have stunning cinematography. Short, cheap, independant films almost always have outstanding, Oscar-worthy performances.

I would also offer this piece of advice: go see movies at the theater BEFORE it's too late. That time maybe coming sooner than you think.


Thu Sep 22, 2005 4:48 pm

Hey Pete,
I guess who wouldn't be ordering Alfred Hitchcock Presents, huh? :lol:

I like films from most genres but some I really don't care to see many more of:

martial arts (won't give these a chance)
action / adventure (sick of)
comedies (straight full fledge comedies not comedy / dramas unless they are pre-50's)
costume pictures (some good & some bad)
horror films (love old horror films but haven't seen many in the past two decades or so that were any good)

jeff R

Thu Sep 22, 2005 5:39 pm

jeffreyjames wrote:Hey Pete,
I guess who wouldn't be ordering Alfred Hitchcock Presents, huh? :lol:
jeff R

Jeff -
I like Alfred Hitchcock Presents. With that show and Twilight Zone you expect that there's going to be a twist ending - sometimes unpleasant.

Thu Sep 22, 2005 5:43 pm

I am a fan of all types of movies. It doesn't matter to me in speaking about genre.

As for me, the worst kind are the loooooonnnnnnnggggg drawn out flicks..which funny enough could happen when clocking in at less then 2 hours.

Friday the 13th part VIII. The movies aren't much to watch..but geez..stupid is stupid.

As for mainstream..The English Patient. What a piece of drawn out sh*t!

Thu Sep 22, 2005 6:18 pm

genesim wrote:As for mainstream..The English Patient. What a piece of drawn out sh*t!

Yes, but the cinematography is breathtaking at times.


Thu Sep 22, 2005 6:20 pm

Breathtaking to generated mess?

I'll take Evita anyday. Better story, better production, and most importantly better ACTING!

Thu Sep 22, 2005 6:20 pm

do not llike chick flicks..LOL also didn't like blair witch

Thu Sep 22, 2005 6:23 pm

I got a better idea..rather then have us all sit around and just say what we hate, how about each of us watch one of those types that is recommended by the other to change their mind.

Thu Sep 22, 2005 6:23 pm

epfan2 -

You wrote:
...also didn't like blair witch

Yeah, that Blair Witch thing..................

Some creepy moments, but in the end never quite delivers, does it ?

I suppose it might have helped if you went to see it believing that it was the footage shot by a group who never made it back again !

But when I saw it, the truth had been leaked !
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Thu Sep 22, 2005 6:24 pm

I personally liked The English Patient. I thought it was very well made and not boring. But then, I do like talkie pictures. Not much into action. I love human dramas especially "little films". Just saw "Dancing At Lughnasa". i love these small movies!
I'm not trying to say that "The English Patient" was a small movie. It wasn't but I did enjoy it.

jeff R

Thu Sep 22, 2005 6:28 pm

Speaking of epic's, if you guys have yet to see the new release of Ben-Hur, I can highly recommend it. Talk about a classic!!!


Thu Sep 22, 2005 6:33 pm

I found the English Patient to not only be self indulgent but pointless.

The romance was contrived, and it was so long and drawn out. No real story there, and not nearly as convincing.

Tom just put Ben Hur on my list at Net Flix...the new edition.

Thu Sep 22, 2005 8:49 pm

ColinB wrote:epfan2 -

You wrote:
...also didn't like blair witch

Yeah, that Blair Witch thing..................

Some creepy moments, but in the end never quite delivers, does it ?

I agree wholeheartedly with that. I expected a lot when I sat down to see it, and it left me scratching my head wondering what all the fuss was about. I even watched it again, and wished I hadn't.

Thu Sep 22, 2005 11:37 pm

Black & White I can live with.... but I can't stand silent movies! I have tried to watch some and they drive me crazy... I guess it's because you have to give the film 100% attention or you are lost, at least I am.

Don't really like war movies either.

Elvis fan