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DVD/VCR combo questions

Wed Sep 07, 2005 4:47 pm

This is for all you techno wizards out there. My wife and I are going to buy a DVD/VCR combo but the guys at Best Buy weren't of much help. What we need to know is this: what is the best brand to buy? We looked at 2 Toshiba models and a Sony one. We have 2 televisions of the old variety, meaning we need to use an RF Modulator to hook up the DVD player we currently have. We are planning on buying an HDTV at some point so we will want a DVD/VCR that will be compatible. Most important to me, are all of them region free? Will ALL of the ones made now play DVD's from any region? The guys at Best Buy didn't know if the ones they had were region free players and I don't want to get one, bring it home, hook it up, only to find that it won't play my European DVD's. If not all of them are region free players, can you tell me which brands are? Lastly, price is a consideration. The three we looked at last night were from $100 to $150. The highest we would go would be up to $200. Can we find a really good one with what we need for that price? ANY help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you all. JohnGael

Wed Sep 07, 2005 4:52 pm

John -

A combination DVD/VCR !

The best of both worlds !

Trouble is they aren't.

You don't get a top quality model of either.

Each is a compromise.

OK, I guess, if you weren't looking for the best in the first place.

Wed Sep 07, 2005 11:06 pm

John, I have a SONY duel DVD/ VHS player that I bought in 2004 new.
I had trouble with a tape getting stuck in there recently, as it seems
that the VHS clearence is rather tight. (Some tapes are fine, and others
struggle to eject.) Also, I wonder if SONY is still the quality brand
we knew it as for awhile. They're made in China now and from the "hum"
it makes, it doesn't seem as good as what we've come to expect.

Then, my better half insisted we get an all-region DVD player to play some
foreign discs she was given, so we now have both. :roll: I was pleasantly
surprised that the DVD and VCD's that my fellow FECC Elvis fans
have sent have all worked fine on this one. I'll have to check the brand,
but it was from BEST BUY.

Thu Sep 08, 2005 1:33 am

John, can you tell me what the DVD side is that you want.

You say VHS / DVD do you mean for both to be able to record or just the VHS ?