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If only the mayor of Baton Rouge was the mayor of N. Orleans

Mon Sep 05, 2005 3:43 am

If I were a betting man, I'd wager that those of you in other nations are not hearing from the mayor of a city that has doubled in size over the past week, Baton Rouge. He is not bitter, he is not pointing fingers, he is working on improving the situation. What a refreshing and helpful attitude.
"There isn't anything you can script that would describe what has happened this week," Melvin "Kip" Holden, the mayor of Baton Rouge, said. "There will never be normalcy when you have the single biggest catastrophe in our history."

Holden, the city's first black mayor, said Baton Rouge would not tolerate the "New Orleans thugs" he saw looting on CNN, while his top aide told the city's daily newspaper that the goal was to decrease the number of people in Baton Rouge's public shelters as soon as possible. But the number keeps rising. (from )

Mon Sep 05, 2005 5:04 pm

At this point anybody else as mayor would have been an improvement. The "plan" seemed to be, to bitch and complain while people just kept dying.

There was no method, and no order. They hadn't a clue when it came to helping their citizens, and the governer and mayor should be taken out of office with extreme prejudice.

Mon Sep 05, 2005 6:46 pm

genesim wrote:At this point anybody else as mayor would have been an improvement.

We never know how we would react until in a situation such as that.

However, it was pretty obvious that he was no Rudy Gulianni.

Mon Sep 05, 2005 7:13 pm

Thats a given...actually I wouldn't even put him line with Mayor McCheese!

It was Nagin's idea to put the poor into the Dome while at the same time emptying out the Hilton across the street. Also reports of diverting food trucks..etc. As this unfolds the negligence will become more clear.