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TV on DVD in December

Wed Aug 31, 2005 3:50 pm

Warner's has announced the following TV show releases on DVD:

The West Wing: The Complete Fifth Season 12/6
Full House: The Complete Second Season 12/6
The Dukes of Hazzard: The Complete Fifth Season 12/13
The Gilmore Girls: The Complete Fifth Season 12/13
ER: The Complete Fourth Season 12/20


Re: TV on DVD in December

Wed Aug 31, 2005 4:43 pm

Tom in North Carolina wrote:Warner's has announced the following TV show releases on DVD:

The Dukes of Hazzard: The Complete Fifth Season 12/13

WOOHOO! Boy, they're releasing this fifth season fairly quickly ain't they, Tom???

Wed Aug 31, 2005 6:27 pm

Weren't Coy and Vance in that season? My God, they sucked the life out of that show.

Wed Aug 31, 2005 6:32 pm

EagleUSA wrote:Weren't Coy and Vance in that season? My God, they sucked the life out of that show.

Unfortunately, yes the fifth season is where Coy and Vance made their appeareance.....thank God that Tom and John (Bo & Luke) decided to come back to the show!!!!

Wed Aug 31, 2005 8:42 pm

Damn, so many shows are on their later seasons and All In The Family is taking forever! Just doesn't seem right.

Though Dukes Of Hazzard is alot of fun.

Wed Aug 31, 2005 11:17 pm

With all the talk about "The Dukes Of Hazard" and the new movie, am I the only one on this messageboard that thinks this series sucked? I mean really. Do you people think this show had some merit at all? I was in my 20's when it was originally on and I don't remember every watching a whole episode. I saw bits and pieces and I just had to turn it off.
I know some shows get better with age but this show was so sexist and in bad taste even for the Charlie's Angels. I never got through an episode of that series either.
I know there are many that will watch these shows just for the "babes" and to get a woody. Others will watch it just for laughs at the dumb humor.
I just don't understand why people like Genesim or Tom NC with intelligence (well, at least one of them :lol: ) would watch this kind of stuff when there is so much good programs and films on disc.

jeff R

Thu Sep 01, 2005 5:04 am

What was wrong with the Dukes Of Hazzard? Sexist...Daisy was often in control and actually tore down the "dumb blonde" angle that I know you embrace in the older films that you watch....cause I watch them too! She used her charm time after time to help out her cousins and often made the enemies look like complete bufoons.

As far as the show having merit...hell most of them played like a Robin Hood episode. They robbed from the rich and gave back to the poor. What was wrong with that? Often times the cops ended up seeing the good because they profitted more from the community.

As a young man growing up and having a few scrapes with the law..or perhaps having friends that done the same, I could completely agree about the hypocricy of the stealing done by the so called "law men".

A show that projected standing for what was right...and hell yeah, the heroes getting the girls. Nothing wrong with that. Geez Jeff, sometimes I think you grew up as a MONK! The show was just pure fun. And if you say that you never finished an episode..maybe that was your problem. As I remember you are a Elvis fan right? I suppose you dislike Elvis movies as well? Lets face it, they are practically the same!!!

Did I mention that fact that it had a great theme song and having Waylong Jennings doing the commentary, well hell, that was pure perfection!

We all have opinions, but as usual I don't get yours. Thats ok though, but maybe you should see more of the show, you might agree with some of my observations. Hell I picked up the promo for the new movie with the Pilot and I had forgotten how much I loved the show growing up. The most important thing was that Bo and Luke were guys I looked up to. They were just so cool kicking ass in their Dodge charger....YEEEEE HHAAAA!!!

Thu Sep 01, 2005 6:55 am

Hi Genesim,

Growing up as a Monk was a long shot from what I was. I was a pothead and quite a drinker during the late 60's and throughout the 70's. The only people I knew who watched these types of shows were either pubescient or jocks (same thing).
I'm not trying to give you, personally, a bad time about this show but it is, in my opinion, awful as far as any artistic merit. There have always been bad TV and still is. I remember the 60's brought us Gilligan's Island and I did watch that when I was barely a teenager and I loved it. Now I see a few scenes and I wonder what it was that I loved. It's awful but has become quite a hit series through the years.
I guess it is just that I like intelligent shows and shows that make me think. Most situational comedies don't do it for me but I do understand that they do it for others.
A friend of mine loves and watches only comedies and action adventures. I couldn't be any more of an opposite than that. They are my least favorite types of films. Although I do like a bit of comedy laced with drama.
I do agree that Waylon Jennings did add something to the show but, to me, only the title song.

jeff R

Thu Sep 01, 2005 7:21 am


I'm as intelligent as they come and I love the DUKES OF HAZZARD...

ask Doc, he knowz... :wink:

Thu Sep 01, 2005 7:34 am

Not his commentary? That was the coolest part..perhaps even to the show. Alot of funny jokes.

Hey I like stuff that makes me think to. I mentioned the Troi Colour Trilogy and I also talked about my favorite director Paul Thomas Anderson. I hardly call these films...for the braindead. Thoug I enjoy the classics, I am not stuck in a time either.

Still I don't watch The Dukes for anything more then fun. Not your cup of tea, that is fine, but it did have merit. It was damn good entertainment. Gilligan's Island also served its purpose, but to a much lesser extent. The General Lee is one of the most recognized cars, for good reason. It was symbolism for breaking the order of "the man".

"jocks"..yeah right. Hell to this day it is good entertainment. Much better then "Friends" or "Dawson's Creek" crap of today.

Incidently, I actually puke at some of the supposed "thinking" shows. Most of it is pure propaganda and I am glad as hell to be taken away from it. Hell I long for the 70's where there was more innocence. Not once on the Dukes Of Hazzard did ANYONE have sex!!!! Same for other shows of that time period. Now it happens all the time. Where the hell has all the innocence gone! Some of the shows like One Tree Hill actually condone kids talking back to their parents.

Thu Sep 01, 2005 7:43 am

jeffreyjames wrote:With all the talk about "The Dukes Of Hazard" and the new movie, am I the only one on this messageboard that thinks this series sucked?

No, you're not.

That was one show I just couldn't stomach. I'd get pissed every time I heard a yee haw!

I guess many people did like the show because it was on the air for several years. More power to them, but it was just not my type of entertainment.

I did watch the show immediately following The Dukes every Friday night.

I just had to tune in to see who J.R. Ewing was going to stab in the back next.

Thu Sep 01, 2005 8:02 am

carolynlm wrote:There are tv programmes that I watched as a child and as a teen that are absolute classics....but now they are seen as ridiculous. I have the greatest memories of watching....wait for it....and I'm not joking.....The Mickey Mouse Club.

M-i-c (see you real soon) k-e-y (Why? Because we like you)

Thu Sep 01, 2005 9:21 am


Thu Sep 01, 2005 4:17 pm

I always thought that Dukes.... was a harmless "check your brain at the door" kind of series. Much like Smokey and the Bandit will never be confused with Lawrence of Arabia, the series never pretended to be more than it was. Considering the state of some of todays shows, Dukes... doesn't seem so bad.


Thu Sep 01, 2005 4:23 pm

Jeffrey, it's a Southern thing. Ever try grits?

Thu Sep 01, 2005 4:35 pm

Mmmmmmmm grits.

Thu Sep 01, 2005 5:29 pm

Yes I have tried grits when I was down south. Maybe the show is a southern type of thing.
I don't know. I guess I'd rather spend an hour on something educating or intelligent instead of a no-brainer. To each their own.

jeff R

Thu Sep 01, 2005 5:40 pm Mr. Wizard! Now that was a cool one!

Tom's got it right. Though personally Lawrence of Arabia was one I never finished. Damn I just got so tired of the frickin' sand. I love epics, but there didn't seem to be much story. It reminded me of the English Patient. Sometimes entertainment is better.

At least with the Dukes there was something to look at!

Charlie's Angels was entertaining..but less so IMO.

Man when is the Green Hornet coming out!!!!

The thing about most of these shows was it filled time and was a quick fix before supper..or maybe even after supper. A quick half an hour that did its job of making you forget for a while. There was alot going on in the 70's and most people didn't care to "think" anymore. I know compared to shows of now, I take them hands down. Thank goodness they were made, and with how many are being sold, I can see the appeal. People are just tired of the "thinking" shows. Shouldn't it be about fun???

Thu Sep 01, 2005 6:15 pm

You know looking back there are two types of people...the Star Wars fans who want to be wowed...and then there are the Star Trek fans who want to think. Each to their own, but I pick the former.

Actually I think the same way on video games. You have the speed and skill like in Sonic The Hedgehog..then you have the think like in Super Mario Brothers. Or for fighting you have Mortal Kombat which is wow graphics and quick simple technique with speed vs Street Fighter which has more complicated and classic dimensions with slower overlong appeal

Hell then you have the Letterman who is dumb fast humor vs Leno who is whitty think humor

no wait, then you have Pepsi that is sweeter peppy new soda vs Coke which is classic and savory.

Oh then there is Elvis which is cutting edge yet more dangerous..vs the Beatles which are for perfection and refined.

Warner Brothers/MGM cartoons with Tex Avery fast brainless humor that makes no sense vs Walt Disney well drawn innovative humor

Yin Yang gotta love it.

Thu Sep 01, 2005 6:23 pm

jeffreyjames wrote:To each their own.

That's a good way to look at it. My wife thought I was nuts when I watched the enire third season of Gilligan's Island in one sitting. She's never seen a single episode.


Thu Sep 01, 2005 6:48 pm

Well that is the problem I have. It is true to each their own, but I cannot fathom the ones that hard criticize a show they have never "seen all the way through".

Like others have pointed out, sometimes a show takes a while to take off, sometimes they have their moments. I love All In The Family, but there are several episodes that I wouldn't open somebody up with that is for sure!

Thu Sep 01, 2005 7:04 pm

C'mon Genesim, let's not keep going on against my opinion. I did say to each their own. I have certain shows that I love to watch which are not on any critic's "best of" list.
I was just trying to get a lively debate going as to why people would like a show like Dukes.
I know there are a great deal of others besides myself and rob who do not think this show has much to offer.
I know when I just want to sit back, pop in a DVD and not think, I put in some old comedies like Laurel & Hardy or even The Three Stooges and some classic WB toons. They do satisfy me most of the time.But, mostly, I like to get something out of a film or TV series. I just recently watched the three seasons of The Gilmore Girls that are out on DVD. Those shows are not only funny but they do have some substance.

jeff R