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Tue Sep 06, 2005 6:11 am

That seems to be the deciding factor between right and wrong these days. As opposed to well...wrong being wrong, and right being right.

Well said.

Tue Sep 06, 2005 6:25 am

Thank you Stephen.

likethebike wrote: The idea that reporters should be pulling people out of the area on rescue missions is beyond absurd. The reporters most likely did as much as they could but let's remember this is not their area of expertises.

I didn't say that reporters should do rescue missions.

I said that a huge giant corp. in the very region (like CNN) should send busses and busdrivers to let those poor car-less people get on and escape.

The First-Responders of hurricanes always seem to be news networks - it's a"live story" ready to happen, and they want it to fill airtime for a few days/nights.
It's windy wet drama. And they want to be FIRST to scoop it/cover it.

Ok, send HELP along with the reporters.

RACIST posts have no place on this MB

Tue Sep 06, 2005 7:35 am

Graceland Gardener wrote:in fact, the looters didn't wait - dem homies acted the quickest!

This is your second overtly RACIST posting on this Elvis MB.

I've archived the page and trust the administrators will ban your ignorant rantings forevermore.

If Elvis knew he had "fans" like you, he would've never quit driving a truck.


Re: RACIST posts have no place on this MB

Tue Sep 06, 2005 8:15 am


"Homie" - is it not contemporary street slang?

White guys can't use it? Not allowed to use it.
Is that what you're saying?

how unequal.

drjohncrapenter kissed his Barbara Streisand poster, bowed down before his John Lennon LP collection, rubbed for luck his Michael Moore bust, then drank his rancid bongwater, injected a shot of heroin *"how liberating the rush"* then nearly peed his fairy pants when the liberal nut sat down and wrote:
Graceland Gardener was not far from the truth when, based on news coverage he saw, wrote:in fact, the looters didn't wait - dem homies acted the quickest!

This is your second overtly RACIST posting on this Elvis MB.

I've archived the page and trust the administrators will ban your ignorant rantings forevermore.

:lol: I figure you wouldn't cataloged that as the 14th or 15th.


I saw the New Orleans looters on the TV NEWS and footage often repeated this week, and every one of the looters caught on tape (and being chased by POLICE) was..... black.

That is not civilized human behaviour.
Not what I saw. How about you? What'd you see there?
They just won't stop doing the sh*t they are stereotyped as doing.

Many deliberately rejected evacuation opportunities to run around - err, slosh around in a mania like animals escaped from a zoo taking advantage to rob stores and homes.

Have you seen that looting footage? Huh?

Would you admit it if you did?

If you saw it, do you see "blacks" ?
Do you even see "criminals" ?

DJC sees merely a disenfranchised demographic let down by Bush and a group with whom doc's sensitively empathetic beyond his right to be, and maybe actions for whom he roots to stick it to the man! Right on!
Superfly Flood boyz!
Profit off Bush's Flood!

Archive that, mother. :evil:

drjohncrapenter had a furthur sniveling snit and wrote:

If Elvis knew he had "fans" like you, he would've never quit driving a truck.


If Elvis knew he had "fans" like you with your views on issues, he might suspect you the Q word (a 1970s slang now in 21st century tv programming titles),
and he may avoid all contact with you, and/or blow your brains out - were you on his tv set - with a nickle-plated .38 of which he owned many. Or tell Red to go to a payphone and hire someone to do the real thing.

Elvis Presley was the anti- of everything you stand for.

If you were at Sun studio that day the tape was rolling and somebody said "deleted - see guidelines #2" (as heard on Sun sessions) would you freak out and call Sam or Scotty or Bill or whover a racist? Shame on Sun!

If you were there when Elvis was shooting lightbulbs in the swimming pool would you freak out and tell him guns are evil, guns are wrong.

When Elvis started reading aloud from the bible...scriptures...gospels... on no! run over, clamp the hand, change the subject and shut him up.

yeh you would. You're a leftwing radical.
You're "Meathead"
Your politics ARE everything Elvis did not want in a friend.

:x don'tcha jus hate that.

His values were good enough for many - alas not good enough for you.

Oh well, there's always the Boss/Cobain/Dylan/Yoko mb's for you.)
- yawn
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Tue Sep 06, 2005 9:19 am


in the midst of your pathetically arrogant self-important "expert" profile you try to create here, and even bamboozle some members into often fail to, or refuse to READ AND LEARN.

Elvis Presley was not raised in those wonderful liberal capitols Seattle or San Francisco or sigh, New Jersey.

He was a born and bred Son of the South, confederate flag and all, and he gave a "rebel yell" on Mystery Train, he sang Night Rider (which ain't no talking-car if you know what the historic phrase really means) and Elvis had more guns than a Texas pawnshop, and the only President he bothered to go meet was Nixon - a republican - who hated hippies!

Elvis called policemen: "sir" - not pigs.

Elvis was offended by a homo dermatologist and offended by a homo extra on a film set. And towards either he was not sympathetic or "understanding"

well, I'm sure you know all those facts about him,
you having that expertise n'all.

- archive that, my friend.

Tue Sep 06, 2005 12:37 pm

Elvis was no friend of ignorant, homophobic racists. Neither am I.

Your above bile duly archived as well. We don't need this on our MB.


Tue Sep 06, 2005 12:42 pm

I made a very valid point above,
about the news networks...
those rich, resourceful, mobile-at-a-moment's-notice
news corps
being first-on-the-scene in New Orleans....
but providing no relief - just reports.

No relief. Just reports.

Doc is trying to distract attention away from that point.

How mature.

What DJC is saying (in his usual blustering dictator style)
is that:
because of race, some people are exempt from criticism,
exempt from insults, immune...due to race.

I, being white, cannot call someone a "homie"
but someone else could use "homie"

- that's what DJC means. And his word is law.

How fair - and equal!

He makes things a "race issue" when he wants to


didja miss it?!?!?

Spanish_Eyes wrote:Yea, why blame Bush? We all know that we have to blame niggers for spending money on crack instead of buying a car and getting their asses outta there!


failed to read and learn, doc?

or are you just letting him slide?

selective s.o.b. you can be discriminating, can't you.

For the archival record, I do not give a damn one iota
what you have grievence with.

Tue Sep 06, 2005 2:36 pm

Bush is following the philosophy of his idol, political writer Marvin Olansky.

Olansky believes that the American government should do as little as possible.

His philosophy is quoted by Johann Hari in an article in The Independent - 6th September, 2005:

"The public sector is invariably inefficient and, worse, morally corrupting.

Government spending simply encourages people to become dependent on it, morphing then into greedy subsidy-junkies with no sense of self-reliance.

That's why spending on public projects should be whittled down to the bare minimum.

Once this happens, private charity [particularly faith groups] and private business will step into the vacuum and provide all the services government used to pay for, far more efficiently and without the moral hazards.

The only role for government is to externally guarantee the country's security, and internally uphold property rights

But Bush is selective when applying these principles.

He faithfully follows it with the poor, slashing budgets everywhere.

But when it comes to the American rich, he gives "lavish and expanding handouts".

An example is the super corporation Wal-Mart, who have recently gratefully received a whopping 1-billion-dollars in federal & state

But the Army Corps of Engineers budget for levee construction in New Orleans received a 44% cut in its funding.

Good to see Bush has his priorities right.

Tue Sep 06, 2005 2:42 pm

Elvis was no friend of ignorant, homophobic racists. Neither am I.

Agreed. I'm no friend of racists, whether they are white racists, black racists, or racists of any color.

On a semi-side note, yesterday I witnessed a prime example of the race card being played. I work at a hotel in Las Vegas and sometimes work out at the pool. The pool requires a room key for entrance. The girl I was working with was checking keys, and two white people walked up and she waved them through the gate. Oh, and I might mention they were clearly dressed in their bright red uniforms with LIFEGUARD printed on the front and back of their shirts in huge red letters. Pretty easy to see without much effort that they worked there. Right behind them a black hotel guest and his wife walked up and the girl I work with asked to see their room keys. His immediate response was "You're just doing this because we're black". This poor girl I work with is about the last person on earth who is discriminatory towards anyone. It really shook her to the core to be wrongfully accused by this man and his wife. It sickens me when some folks are so quick to play the race card. Yes racism exists (by and towards people of all races), but whipping out the race card whenever things aren't going the way you'd like is only counter productive in the fight against racism.

Tue Sep 06, 2005 3:05 pm

I agree 100% John B!!!

Sincerely MB280E

Tue Sep 06, 2005 3:20 pm

Bush racist ?

The UK's Independent newspaper view:


Tue Sep 06, 2005 3:46 pm

What a bunch of BULLSH*T! Whoever published that picture is the f*cking racist. Gee why don't all the racial sterotypes die down. :roll: Cause we got asssholes like that who time and time again want to keep minorities down, by reminding of them of their "place" ".....see it is still here, and anytime you try to crawl out, we will be sure and put you in your place." "it isn't just about the amateur local is the color of your skin!!!"

(Colin did it ever occur to you that the picture you posted might offend someone like me who is also a minority???)

If anyone has acted like a racist is the rev. Jessie Jackson for his unfounded remarks against every non-black person in the United States.

You have someone like the Doc acting the same way. Someone says "homie" and all of a sudden it turns into another race platform.

John B. brought up an excellent example of reverse descrimination/prejudice along with the examples I brought up above.

If you wanna accuse anyone of being a "racist" how about starting at the local level where the governer ignored the people and furthermore refused the president to take over the National Guard to help the people!!!!!

I can't believe that was true, Bush should have put her in jail for that crap.

Bush doesn't just believe in some book, it is there in the constitution. Governement should stay out unless it is a National everyone in the United States is in immediate danger like a possible attack from another country.

I am not even going to dignify the Walmart side of the arguement.

Though again, when the country was so prosperous when Bill Clinton was in office how come nothing was done? Oh but nothing is said about the 41 million of FEDERAL money that is sinked into a project where nothing was the levees that were being rebuilt were not going to stop the hurricane anyway? Why didn't the state take care of the problem? Why is it only the Feds job to make sure the people are safe? You see Colin, you come from a place where the government plays a much bigger role. Doesn't make you any more effecient(actually quite a bit less) just makes you a slave to it.

Be that as it may, it is also the government that we chose. It is in the constitution as I have pointed out many many times. There are so many Europeans(and natives??) alike who would want us to throw away the law of our land in favor of some kind of "hip" attitude. Well screw that!

For the others that do understand the consitution and how a republic works, I commend them. Because it shows that there is still those who want to protect our freedoms.

Tue Sep 06, 2005 4:39 pm

It is accurate that the Bush Administration is trying to save face. While I don't blame the Feds yet, I do have to say they seemed rather lackadaisical on the leadership front. Bush can rush to DC for Terri Schiavo, but a Category 5 hurricane hits and he plays guitar with a country music star? While the Feds apparently followed the state/local chain in the relief efforts, perhaps it's time to revisit those. 4 years after 9/11, and the disaster response was not good. If the plans are no good, they need to be redone. If they weren't followed, it needs to be addressed. Frankly, I think a disaster of this magnitude is beyond the resources of the Mayor, and probably the state. If so, the people shouldn't have to depend on them for relief until the Feds get "permission" to assist.

Why did GWB appoint as head of FEMA a man who had spent the previous 11 years pimping for wealthy horse breeders? Isn't that a mistake and bad judgment?

On the plus side, there was the initial response to 9/11, culminating in the overthrow of the Taliban. But the Bush administration has turned into a laughingstock. An incompetently managed war, and now an incompetently managed storm have left an object of scorn and ridicule to enemies and friends alike. The notion that Bush can now convince a doubting world that he knows best, that his way is the model of success, that he has the right to unilaterally impose his values on anyone, anywhere, just drowned in the filthy water of New Orleans. Show the ethnically-divided Iraqis how to work together for the common good? Good luck with that now.

Tue Sep 06, 2005 5:52 pm

While many like to forget this...Bush was on vacation, as he is entitled to take. But just because he wasn't a VISUAL presence doesn't mean he wasn't taking charge behind closed doors. The rush of close to 700 National Guard from his former state of Texas would be a good indicator.

As President he has the obligation to the state to allow them to act first. Unlike Iraq, we are not at war with ourselves, so to compare the two is absolutely absurd. We won't turn on our people and let the government take over as other have in the past. So yes Melanie, we do need PERMISSION before you start dropping National Guard in and taking over operations and shooting people at will with the president at command. Also the same applies for other states deciding to send their troops. It is called LAW and without the "permission" we are no better then other societies that have acted in kind.

I do agree that this disaster was beyond the mayor and the governer...then again, so would just about anything from the apparent incompetence displayed.

Still, many act as if Bush didn't act. Despite the fact that the governer refused to allow Bush to take over command of the National Guard, it is funny how so many states acted so quickly after G.W. Bush's visual presence. Perhaps finally the right phone calls were made. So many like to conveniently ignore this.

Many have liked to ridicule our president, but in the end the undeniable fact that without him this mess wouldn't even begin to get cleaned up. He reacted when others ignored. So many either have forgotten or are simply ignorant of the role of a president. He was sworn to uphold the constitution and for him to do this he is criticized? And you call him the laughing stock? Well Reagen was made fun of as well, but in the end, he was still a great president. Sometimes the greater good is more important then a popularity contest. For I me, I couldn't care less what other countries "think" of our president. It is not his job to get others approval. Though it is his job to act like a leader and do what is best for our nation. The war in Iraq(while having NOTHING to do with this disaster) hasn't been handled the best way possible, but the job is still getting done. When invading a country of this size there are bound to be some mistakes. There hasn't been a war general alive who hasn't had his share...especially when covering any decent ground. Funny how so many all like to call it "Bush's" war. Yet more ignorance a plenty.

FEMA was an organization started by president Clinton and it was a failure from the word go. It was an instrument to try to take power away from the states. Yet another "program" that needs to be dismantled. Be that as it may...whoever is in charge, FEMA itself is still designed as an AID to the state, and not to take place for local security. That is what people don't seem to get. It is not designed as a defense mechanism which considering the situation in New Orleans this is a serious case of how the supplies didn't get to the right people. But as I said, the program was stupid to begin with and I don't mind one bit having it completely taken out.
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Tue Sep 06, 2005 6:16 pm

From Scott McClellan President spokesperson

"This is all looking at the blame game," McClellan said. "We're not going to engage in the blame game."

"We've got to keep our energies focused on the task at hand."


"There are ongoing problems that need to be addressed,"

He said there would be time later for a thorough analysis of the government's response.

I can hardly wait. I like to call this a nice Democrat roast...texas style. Hillary Clinton get ready to jump in too.

Tue Sep 06, 2005 6:30 pm

genesim -

You wrote:
(Colin did it ever occur to you that the picture you posted might offend someone like me who is also a minority???)

Err..... I think that was the idea.................

Tue Sep 06, 2005 6:40 pm

Stop Press:

There is to be an investigation into the short-comings of the US response to the New Orleans hurricane.

This independent, unbiased, no-holds-barred investigation will be headed up by.......... err........... George Bush !

Tue Sep 06, 2005 7:00 pm

George Bush is not the one who is guilty, and I doubt he is the one that will be head of the investigation. Whoever it is, it doesn't matter, because there will be alot of heads a rolling and I can assure you it won't be our president who acted briskly despite the incompetence of the state level government.

as for the racial post Oh really! Well that is nice to know. Funy how you are posting thing to insinuate someone being a RACIST...and yet you take joy in offending minorities on this board with the very idea of it.

I say this with all sincerity only a piece of sh*t would act that way. I am sad that you seem to fall in that category.

Tue Sep 06, 2005 7:07 pm

genesim -

You wrote:
Funy how you are posting thing to insinuate someone being a RACIST...and yet you take joy in offending minorities on this board with the very idea of it.

I posted an example of how the situation is being presented in the UK press.

The point of the cartoon is, surely, that someone who is offensively racist, may be unaware of the fact, and will act in an even more offensive way to prove they aren't !

Tue Sep 06, 2005 7:13 pm

Well first of all there is no grounds for such a label. Second of all it is disrespectful in all ways to our leader. The very sight of a black face used in that context is racist..even by the artist who drew it.

Lastly to post it on this board where there could be very well people like me who are a minority, shows the lowest form of class.

The fact that you are somehow proud of it, makes you no better then the supposed group you are making fun of.

Our president is not a F*cking racist and you or this clown of an artist has no grounds to make such an accusation.

Tue Sep 06, 2005 7:33 pm


Well, the cartoon Colin posted is of course an attack on Bush but it is not racist.

Tue Sep 06, 2005 11:43 pm

John B wrote:... I witnessed a prime example of the race card being played ... It sickens me when some folks are so quick to play the race card.

Although such incidents do occur, and certainly are wrong, if you think they outnumber those that are legitimate, you are sadly mistaken.

And you might act differently in said situations if you were African-American. They feel it every day, in ways both subtle and overt. Just look at some of the rantings on this MB, an Elvis Presley MB.


Wed Sep 07, 2005 12:02 am

genesim -

You wrote:
Lastly to post it on this board where there could be very well people like me who are a minority, shows the lowest form of class.

You got me there.

Class is something I've always lacked.

You also wrote:
The fact that you are somehow proud of it, makes you no better then the supposed group you are making fun of.

Surely it is the cartoonist who you should be criticising, not me ?

Wed Sep 07, 2005 12:03 am

genesim wrote:Greg is that all you can come up with?

Please tell me where I am wrong. Can we add you to the list that hasn't a clue about American government...YEP.

Everytime I hear "Bush dropped the ball" it cracks me up.

As far as your personal comments, they are typical of a liberal. You cannot dissprove FACTS, so you go for the cheap shots. The funny part is that it only makes you come off worse.

The "do something" is typical of the MTV now generation. If anything was to be done immediately, the mayor should have been relieved along with the governer, so their freakin' jobs could have been carried out. Unfortunately it just isn't that easy. Determination takes time. Thank god Bush stopped his vacation and took over. People act as if he isn't allowed such a thing. If you remember the dude was on a never ending tour of the states speaking out about the war in Iraq.

YET he just got 10.5 billion approved from congress and sending 14,000 troops per day to clean up the mess made by local government.

I would say more, but Scatter pretty much covered the ground in detail. :lol:


From the constitution:

The United States shall guarantee to every state in this union a republican form of government, and shall protect each of them against invasion; and on application of the legislature, or of the executive (when the legislature cannot be convened) against domestic violence.

First of all, though it was true....I am not so sure it was abundently clear. It is not George Bush's job to maintain order at the State level unless called to do so. Tell me what point I did not adress? I believe I did with redundency.

It is simple. The President is not to step in till a plea is made from the governer. There was no evidence to support this. One of the first posts from Greg on the day of the tragedy is that it was all George Bush's fault. The administration..dropped the ball. Yet this could not be so because according to the constitution is not his call to make. Power to the states FIRST! We are to act as a republic governed by the states.

Aid is to be distributed by the State unless provisions run out. This was not the problem. It was the distribution...and why was this, because LOCAL government was incompetent.

George Bush is obligated to uphold the Constitution and for him to drop down and take over is clearly against it. Despite what you see on television. One day is not enough to determine this. People were not suffering...unless you count local government putting people in that dome only to so they can let out the rich...when then you have a point.

Like Scatter said, this isn't a sudden thing. The constitution was put in place to protect us, not to hurt us.

All this debating doesn't matter because the U.S.A. doesn't turn by the propaganda and the media will end up looking like fools. They are a dying breed and this is their last squelch of bias. Certain people will pay, and pay dearly.

The sad part is that also includes the victims.

Genesim, you are losing it, buddy. And, predictably, you had
to have the "last word" like a six-year old.

As you have "contributed" about 20% of the posts here on FECC, I recommend you give yourself - and the rest of us- a much-needed rest.

You cannot stop the personal attacks, can
you? You flirt with breaking the guidelines (newly-updated at the end
of August, too) with your constant belittling of anyone who doesn't
agree with your Almighty Opinion.

And anyone who "gives their best" to an Elvis messageboard "off-topic"
section is worse than I thought.
You'll never get "the best" of what anyone here thinks. Most
of us try to say a few things and move on. You act like this is
a real debate or something. I strongly recommend that you
try this nonsense on a political messageboard. See how long you last.
Be grateful we even humor you here up to this point.
Who are you to act as the would-be bully boy of the board?

Most of us come on here as Elvis fans first and like to dabble in
some political discussion, not a free-for-all. Take your venom
outside, won't you? I've tried to preach this to you in the past
but again, you hang out here like it's your personal perch.

Trust me, friend, your 500-pound Gorilla act is fast growing tiresome.

And it doesn't make me a "liberal" because I disagree with you, not that it
is a dirty word, unless you still are the laughable sort who only listens to
Rush Limbaugh. I'm all for listening and reading conservative thought - I
do it all the time- but it's clear you don't listen to anyone who doesn't
say "heil Bush." I 'm not necessarily anti-Bush, but like I've told you,
he's soft on terrorism (look at our borders) and now has failed (with the rest of the government) to protect the weakest among us.
Are you related to him or something? :lol: The day a US leader is beyond criticism is a day
we've become a fascist version of the "republic" that you and Scatter
so love. Well, this is one republic that has to get it's S#^* together
when the next "big one" hits.

You and Scatter's defense of red tape and bureaucracy was pathetic. And frankly, at this point, who gives a damn? We all know
who is has the blinders on now. I'm just disappointed that I have such indoctrinated fellow Elvis fans around here. Reasonable people will disagree here and there and I agree this thing can get very partisan if taken to an extreme. But this was just an embarrassing commentary.

Whether it was by design (that vaunted constutition you and Scatter
so much want to defend, or by foot-dragging and defunding (as many
of us contend), you must join President Bush in admitting that
the federal response results were "not acceptable."

Like I said, the list is long on who messed up, but to
give the President, the man at the top, a free pass is just deluded.

Scatter wrote:pains me to see that the plainly worded law is ignored by both political opportunists and those who were unfortunate enough to get stuck in public schools (where they don't teach about our form of Government anymore so there'll be more time for "Heather Has Two Daddys") .Newt included. What was that old line again?? Oh yeah....."Ignorance of the law is no excuse".

I'm not defending Bush for Bush's sake. He wasn't my first choice for President (or even my second or third). But then, the opposition was pretty weak, no?? So I have no personal axe to grind. I have plenty of problems with Bush policies, as we have personally discussed before.

But Facts are facts, the Law is the Law, and you would be among those squawking first if G.W. had violated State and Federal law in any other case. But here......because you are moved( as are we all) by the suffering of our brothers, you make an exception. didn't take the oath of office to uphold the Constitution, did you???.

As for your nod to Michael Moore........well you're too intelligent for me to have to explain how you lose credibility with this reference. Moore is an inveterate liar and a shameless distorter of fact. If you are this far behind the curve on this issue, I can refer you to several sources which can enlighten you.

This man/mountain is on a par with Goebbels and Riefenstahl, and you should have known better. It speaks ill of your professed non-partisanship.

As for the jab about how we are suddenly strict Constitutionalists......ask before you make assumptions. There's nothing sudden about it for me, and you only had to ask to ascertain that fact. As for my knowledge of the law......just ask my parole officer :lol: [/color]

It's funny how the mere mention of Michael Moore makes supposedly
intellectual people go ballistic. To dismiss any and all criticisms as
mere "political opportunism" is to be betray that you've been drinking
the GOP Kool Aid, too. I don't have a dog in either fight in terms
of parties and so
will listen even to Moore, who in the past was quite capable of social
commentary. I can take or leave his partisan anti-Bush, anti-war rants
and wouldn't trust his ilk to defend our country, but I respect his ability
and right to criticize the country when it goes wrong. If you don't think so, then your probably own GM stock and I have little use for you accordingly. (Look for my separate post of his letter. Genesim, get

Likewise, Scatter with your smug, snotty
rich kid bashing of public schools, of which I'm a proud graduate from.
I thought you were better than that. You normally show an ability
to at least strive towards a decent discussion. Here you clearly got
caught in the muck of GenesimLand. (This is a land I'm rapidly leaving
soon, as this squatter has effectively ruined FECC for me and others.)

I also bristle at garbage like "Heather Has Two Mommies" but what
on earth does that do with the people who lost everything? Stay
on topic and if your candidate of choice for President takes a whupping
finally on one issue (LiketheBike is correct about the media), don't
kill the messenger. Really, I never knew we had so many slavishly
partisan folks here.

And finally,

["Graceland Gardener" originally wrote
we could've invested $160 billion in rescue/recovery/restoration of a US city
--- if we hadn't pissed that astronomical sum on "rebuilding" Iraq

Gardner, your initial comments (before falling back on GOP talking points)
were much more on target before you resorted to pointless personal
attacks on Doc, some of which also violate the FECC guidelines. Doc can
defend himself but as someone who has recently agreed with you on
the dangers of Islamic terrorism and Bush's "come on over" approach
to immigration, I'm disappointed that you can't stick to the topic and
like your pals, grow panicky when the President takes some flack.

The President is just a man. I support him. He's my President. He's
Doc's , too, whether he admits or not. But the knee-jerk responses
against anyone who dares criticize Mr. Bush concern me almost
as much as any terrorist. And god love those overseas who
have eyes and ears and opinions who have deemed to chime in as
well. FECC is greatly enriched by the international perspective.
Sadly, some here live in their own caves and betray almost a disdain
for anyone who isn't American. I"m a patriot, to the max, but if
this is patriotism, you can have it.

And as someone who fears that this Gulf rescue "performance" is
what we all have to experience again when the attack or "big one" really lands, I say shame on any conservative who is unable to see that the
US did a lousy job of protecting its citzenry. Newt Gingrich
was right on this. Any straight thinking conservative should
also think we can do better. President Bush himself said so.
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Wed Sep 07, 2005 12:20 am

Gregory Nolan Jr. wrote:
And finally,

["Graceland Gardener" originally wrote
we could've invested $160 billion in rescue/recovery/restoration of a US city
--- if we hadn't pissed that astronomical sum on "rebuilding" Iraq

Gardner, your initial comments (before falling back on GOP talking points)
were much more on target before you resorted to pointless personal
attacks on Doc, some of which also violate the FECC guidelines.

duh, out of the blue, he began attacking me -
I responded. I have that right.

what's it to you - a latecomer referee?

By the way, DJC and GG kissed and made up.

He graciously explained his two-faced bias. He explained to me (on a different one of his useless threads) that "N*gger" is OK if used by a foreigner with poor English speaking skills.

I'm sure The NACCP would understand and appreciate Doc's voiews as well.
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