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Thu Sep 08, 2005 6:42 pm

genesim wrote:There wasn't anything humorous at all about Colin's post, and it is sad that such things are still going on today.

Many of your fellow conservatives would find your emotional reaction
to its posting to be evidence of a "P.C. mentality," whether fair or not.

Right...more of what us people of color should be thinking.

I'll let you off the hook though, because despite our differences, I do think you are a nice person. I certaintly enjoy our debates.

But as far as the personal part....I don't care if you were molested...beat....made to wear ladies*t on...etc. Other then a horribly disfiguring accident, you will alas still be "white". There is no comparison between this undeniable fact.

Hell even if fat, there is a chance you can at least lose the weight. For us minorities unless we go through a chemical peal, there will always be that stigma.

You as a "white" person will never be judged in the same way because of it.

Thanks for the compliments, Genesim, and I agree that you are probably a nice person. (Hey, anyone who goes to the mat for Elvis Presley's "From Elvis Presley Boulevard" can't be all bad. :D ) Your essential good nature
comes shining though in spite of your notorious heavy-handed persona
on FECC. It sometimes takes awhile but it is there. :lol:

But I do find your assumption that the violin must play louder for you to be pretty obnoxious and I don't want to get into comparing my father and mother, my life, etc. with your own saga.
(See how we have to start doing the Oprah thing? :roll: ) Why must we play that card? So let's assume that Elvis' music was one thing
that touched a chord in all of us, particularly his melancholy material,
one that so many of us can relate to. Common ground exists
for all of us.

And frankly, (and you'd better sit down) I vividly recall a photo of you on the old MB. Friend, you did not appear then to be a "person of color" as commonly understood. I had a friend once in high school that none of us noticed was born of a Japanese mother and "white" man.Later, I realized I had noticed some Asian features, but for him to go around calling himself a "minority" would have been a bit rich. Are you sure you don't pass for white? Not that it really matters.

The "one-drop rule" (that black blood makes you "black") rule itself was a racist construction, given that someone could be 99% white.
Besides, I don't think any one race has a monopoly on being essentially this ("noble," "good
dancers,") or that ("criminal at heart," "given to looting,") etc.

Well, if you are more liberal on the race question than it is a rare example of you departing from your conservative views -and you're entitled to that as any American. I,likewise, am a blend politically, and so it goes.

What GG and you are disagreeing about is not cut and dried. As someone
who has dabbled in cartooning, I know that exaggerating facial features
(be they eccentricities or common ethnic tendencies) is by definition
part of the job. However, in the US in particular, minstrelsy and other
buffoonish "entertainment" made such characterizations of blacks
verboten. (As a result, some caricatures of black politicians (etc.) seem
overly nice, compared to say those of President Bush, often likened
to a monkey.)

For the record, I find Condi Rice to be a weird combination of an
attractive black woman but also one who does have a bit of a face
only a mother could love, depending on the angle. But I digress.
It's funny but we don't dissect photos of, say, Dick Cheney's beer
gut or fashion choices. Women do have it harder in public life. :shock: But I vote for no-holds barred free speech time and again.

We can deal with hurt feelings later. These people are paid handsomely.
Hell, Miss Rice even has an oil tanker named after her. She's
on easy street, especially now. :wink:
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Thu Sep 08, 2005 6:55 pm

Your father..or your personality has nothing to do with how YOU look. You dont' seem to be grasping this concept. Your personal problems are your own, but the color of your skin cannot be changed.

When did you ever see a picture of me???

Sorry brother, but I do not pass for "white". If I had then I wouldn't have been asked the questions that I speak of.

But lets give this the benefit of the doubt. Lets say that I haven't had recent battles with name calling in reference to my race. Lets say that I hadn't been kicked out of school for fighting for racial reasons and then told by a teacher you were just protecting your "honor". Lets say that I wasn't ever singled out on numerous occasions as being "different" and told in front of people about my real "fill in the blank" hand writing when I do not know one bit of any foreign language(save for some french that I barely passed for a cirriculum requirement).

The funny part is that it has happened without even seeing me(though this is an assumption and hardly difinitive). I had been putting down a certain race while I was job hunting last year in regards to application profiling. I didn't get one phone call despite being more then qualified..even tackling jobs that were below my expertise. The moment that I stop putting down my race and put in Caucasion I got a numerous amount of phone calls. Nothing from who I applied to before, but everything from what I had just submitted. We are talking HOURS!

If you don't think that there is racial discrimination still abroad then you are blind. The fact that without even seeing me, you have judged me as passing for "white" then you are even more naive.

In my life I had more then 10 incidents that I can remember. That is more then enough of a disadvantage in my book. This based entirely on the color of my skin and features.
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Thu Sep 08, 2005 6:59 pm

Okay, then. That's more compelling.

What do you think of fellow conservatives who often seem
to say that racism is a thing of the past, then?

Thu Sep 08, 2005 7:04 pm

I had a friend once in high school that none of us noticed was born of a Japanese mother and "white" man.

I find this statement funny. I wish I had a nickle for everytime people say....we don't even notice you are look like one of us..WINK WINK.

Gee if that were true, why would you say it?

Which pollitician ever said that there still wasn't racism abroad?

I seem to recall them saying that there wasn't racism involved with the flood response, but that is hardly the same thing that you are speaking of. George Bush Jr. numerous times has said that there is still a problem in the U.S.A. and that we are not there yet.

As far as my picture..which one do you speak of? Are you speaking of my avatar a while back? I have been asked about this before concerning the black and white picture.

Thu Sep 08, 2005 7:16 pm

Don't turn my comments into "racism." :roll:
What, do I sound like I'm from 1953 Alabama? How tired.

It was an observation
that there are in fact "mixed race" people in America. Even the census
is moving in that direction, to the chagrin (ironically) to various
agrieved racial advocates and representatives.

You posted your photo. I didn't archive it. :lol:

And I referred to the GOP politicians who feel that racism is dying
in America. In a way, they are right. In terms of money,class,
accounting for past sins (unequal schools, etc.), no.

But garden variety job discrimination, I'd say there's a lawyer
at the ready in every instance of it.

Thu Sep 08, 2005 7:25 pm

OK, I gotta call Bullsh!t on this one. A caricature by definition is the "distorted representation for humor", so how can you take them seriously??


Personally, I think they're hilarious. But then again, I am raging homophobic racist!!

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Thu Sep 08, 2005 7:26 pm

How about describing the picture at least??? Surely you can do that if you are gonna judge how well I could pass as "white". I only wanna find out if you are judgeing me as opposed to remembering someone else.

Hell even saying how you saw it would help immensely.

I am not calling you a racist, but at the same time I am showing how unaware you are from your standpoint.

accounting for past sins (unequal schools, etc.), no.

You got that right, so how does a cartoon of this magnitude help???

Thu Sep 08, 2005 7:28 pm

Tom there is nothing wrong with the caricatures that are posted, and put in place of the one made of Rice wouldn't be so offensive.

The CONTEXT of the original comic is what I have a problem with. There is nothing racial about what you have posted.

Compare it to this:

Image + Image

as opposed to this:


Not only is the second artist trying to get the likeness correct, but also there isn't the obvious racial venom present. It isn't just a joke, it comes from the mind of a deep seated racist who time and time again want to do anything to keep those ideas alive. Instead of making a comic about the ineptness of the government, he accuses them of taking racist steps. Add to that he is also putting George Bush as a monkey in this context as wel.....hmmmm

P.S. Tom could you edit your pictures to be stacked as opposed to side by side so we don't have to scroll a mile to look at the messages. Thx in advance.