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Tue Aug 30, 2005 9:55 am

genesim wrote:
Most on this board know my style and don't let the few speak for the rest. I do not make it a habit to "attack" people as you say. I have a long history with Doc and Jeff D. I have a bigger beef with. Your opinion about me is unfounded.

YES eveyone on this board knows your style :roll: Borish as hell.... YES you do attack people on here on a daily basis. You follow Doc around like a pet rat around his neck.

As far as me getting a life. I think a couple of posts a day is hardly everything.

If only it were a couple a day maybe it could be bearable.... what was it you told me once... that you would keep a thread going on for pages and pages with such ease or something because of your moron debates... and how you have! Just even look at your stupid thread about TOP TIER movies.... even that turned into you beeing a bully and showing once again what a moron you are!

Take some time to check on my history, and perhaps you will change your opinion.

Yes, please check out his post history.... and you will see how negative he has been on here for years......

Elvis fan

Tue Aug 30, 2005 2:26 pm

A bully. :lol: :lol: :lol:

When people are telling me I am in the minority, lets check the facts.

Most on here have admitted that Bill Clinton lied under oath. I am one of the few that thinks it is wrong. The only thing that I have done was argue the point.

Now as far as people being bullies, lets take a look at Doc's history. Shall I start quoting? How about if I go to yours? You ready for this?

Lets do a pound for pound test. Sh*t comment vs sh*t comment. We can start with who has cussed who in regards to you. Well Doc...that is going to be easy. Stump comments alone will get his totals up.

You call me a bully why don't you explain this. If you are referring to Elvis Babe, maybe you should have her come on and speak rather then have you trying for her. I have nothing against her other then a difference of opinion, but it is hardly what you suggest.

Thoug I will say one of several characteristics I would take over you. She isn't a Clinton lover and knows how to debate without calling names.