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L.A. Man Gets 3-Year Sentence in eBay Fraud Case

Sat Jun 14, 2003 4:57 am

L.A. Man Gets 3-Year Sentence in eBay Fraud Case
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LOS ANGELES (Reuters) - A Los Angeles man who perpetrated one of the largest Internet auction frauds on eBay was ordered on Friday to spend three years working by day and spending his nights in prison to pay back those he defrauded.

Chris Chong Kim, 28, will spend his nights at a California prison and his days working to repay some of the $600,000 he took from customers who ordered computers from him but never received them, a district attorney's spokeswoman said.

"Part of the pay he earns will pay for his upkeep and he has to also pay all the victims back in three years," district attorney's spokeswoman Jane Robison said. Robison said it was not clear what type of work Kim will do.

An eBay Inc. (Nasdaq:EBAY - news) spokesman applauded efforts by law enforcement officials to bring Kim to justice. "Our cooperative efforts have put a criminal behind bars and will repay eBay users," eBay spokesman Kevin Pursglove said.

More than 170 people worldwide registered complaints against Kim and his company, Calvin Auctions, with the Internet Fraud (news - web sites) Complaint Center, prosecutors said.

At his sentencing, Kim turned over 81 checks totaling $100,000 that will go toward repaying the $180,000 he owes to 80 of his victims. He also owes money to Bank of America (NYSE:BAC - news) and PayPal, the Internet payment service provider, Deputy District Attorney Jonathan Fairtlough said.

PayPal, which is owned by Ebay, paid $370,000 to reimburse Kim's customers for the laptops, computers and other equipment they purchased but did not receive. Bank of America, which maintained Kim's bank accounts, lost nearly $30,000 in bounced checks, Robison said.

Fairtlough said Kim ran a legitimate, high-end computer sales company for about two years, but stopped shipping merchandise in April 2002. was shut down last July, at the end of a probe by the Southern California High Tech Task Force. Kim was arrested last December.

Sat Jun 14, 2003 5:05 am


If more people had the guts, time, and resources to follow-thru and pursue those responsible for bogus sales after being ripped-off ................... quite a few others in "The Elvis-World" are deserving of varying degrees of legal / monetary punishment.

...just a fan....

Tue Jun 17, 2003 1:36 am

This kinda thing makes me so mad...being ripped off twice myself in recent history :x

It sure is a good thing they caught him though, if it was up to me I'd let him work it off until everything he owed is fullfilled (plus some more for the hell of it), and then let all deceived parties take a free kick at his *ss :evil:

Tue Jun 24, 2003 12:42 pm

If it sounds too good to be true..... you probably will get ripped off