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Now What, Lisa Marie Presley?

Tue Aug 09, 2005 10:01 am

Lisa Marie Presley - Now What
A Review by Yushaimi Yahaya, MUSIC Column The Malay Mail newspaper. Tuesday August 9, 2005 Malaysia

LISA leads a cursed life. It's baffling considering that she has the name, fame, money and looks. She's married three times, the last two to prominent personalities Michael Jackson and Nicholas Cage.
While the marriage to Jacko isn't exactly something she ought to be boasting about, her union with Cage lasted just a few months.
You know what I think the problem with Elvis' little daughter is? She does things to keep her fame intact. Perhaps the best explains the ill-fated marriages.
Surely, even she can't dispute the dubious circumtances that led her to her marrying Michael. She has tried acting but it didn't work. I suppose the natural thing to do is to sing. After all, you'd expect the daughter of The King to have no problem in that department. Wrong. She's quite bad, actually.
Her first album in 2003, TO WHOM IT MAY CONCERN. was a flop. Two years later, she returns with what the producers promise to be her 'best work yet'.
Funny, coz that's hardly a feat coonsidering the fate of her album. Duh!

The album kicks off with her doing a Blondie in the rockish I'LL FIGURE IT OUT. I like the sound, which reminds me of Blondie's more recent hit, MARIA. Here, the obvious reliance is on the music, and not her voice, which is kept to the minimal, with Lisa whispering most of the time. the chorus is also kept well-contained, careful not to strain her weak voice. Still, I kinda like the track.
Then, trouble comes in the form of TURBULENCE. the well-pennned song can't hide the fact that Lisa, while able to carry a tune, doesn't have anything to offer.
Like wise, she fails to jazz things up in the whispery THANX.
Pink tries to do Lisa a favour by collaborating with her in SHINE. There seems to be some issues here as Pink's confined to doing the second voice almost throughout. You can only guess why. A theory would be Lisa's afraid of Pink overshadowing her. On the other, more plausible one, is that she can't do second voice. Whatever the theory, this one's pretty watery.
Lisa doesn't stir anything in the supposedly raunchy DIRTY LAUNDRY, drives you to sleep in WHEN YOU GO which sounds so amateurish and makes you laugh at the feeble attempt of Indie rock in IDIOT.
It's hard being the daughter of Elvis, coz everybody expects you to be as good as him. She should take heart knowing that it's a lot harder to listen to her sing...
Sticking to buying daddy's compilation, that's for sure.