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16 Years Of Loyalty

Sat Aug 06, 2005 5:22 pm

never once failed to greet me
never in a bad mood
always delighted by any attention
never sulked

Sadly age, deteriorating hips bones, and a tumor that spread from his neck up into his head, has force my husband and I to have humanely put to death our beloved brown labrador..Toby

The house feels empty, the cat ,Sweep is searching the garden for him, they were best buddies, sharing a sleeping basket together.

I know this is nothing compared to whats been going on in the world recently,but just bear with me this once..many thanks.

Sat Aug 06, 2005 6:19 pm

So sorry to read about the loss of your faithful companion. As most of us dog owners know, the love and faithfulness they show us is invaluable and makes coming home a much more pleasurable experience.

Sat Aug 06, 2005 6:46 pm

Oh man, I am sorry to hear that Rusty. I have been contemplating on getting a dog and now I feel oh so sad. It just doesn't seem right!

I can only understand this one wouldn't feel this sad unless you were brought many years of joy.

I hope you can at least take comfort in the fact that Toby is no longer feeling pain. He has given you joy as well as the kind returned from you and your family.

A cat and dog getting along has always been a curious thing with me and I can actually picture it well. Sweep...very interesting name.

My deepest sympathy to you. There is nothing like a close dog to be one of your most loyal companions. Not understanding our language, but yet able to read our thoughts and mood. That is truly a special gift that only you Rusty and a select few got to experience from Toby.

Sat Aug 06, 2005 6:59 pm

As my parents loved animals, I grew up with dogs and cats and birds and tropical fish. A lot of times animals are nicer than people!
Unfortunately nature arranged that most domestic animals live a shorter life than humans. So time and time again you go through the loss of a beloved animal.

Sat Aug 06, 2005 8:49 pm

Oh sorry to hear that. Get yourself a puppy. It would be a shame to deprive another little one of the love and attention you obviously have to share.

Sat Aug 06, 2005 9:03 pm

Sorry to hear about that Rusty, I put down my doggie( actually it was the other way around - we were his people- as he literally adopted us) in April 1986 and it still hurts me to this day, but life must fo on.

Strangely, today I got the DSD remastered album " Elvis" and am listening right now to "Old Shep" - a song I normally skip.

Sat Aug 06, 2005 10:31 pm

Sorry to hear that...animals are always loyal and friends no mather what the situation you are...

Sun Aug 07, 2005 1:43 am

Putting that studded colar around ColinB just isn't the same is it.

Sorry to hear of your loss!!!


Sun Aug 07, 2005 7:09 am

my baby, willy just went to kitty heaven too, so i feel your pain. i keep expecting him to walk into my room and trying to get warm in my electric blanket, or me tripping over him under my feet, or him running down to greet his mama (my mom) whenever she comes home. i think my dad picked up his ashes today. my mom wants to have his ashes in a canopic jar and put next to her ashes when she dies.

poor baby. i feel sad for you and your dog too.

::hopes my 11 year old mitty boy has a few years left::

Sun Aug 07, 2005 1:12 pm

It just goes to show how many of us here consider our pets to be as much a part of the family as the humans. I send my best wishes to you.

Sun Aug 07, 2005 1:22 pm

Rusty -

I know how you feel.

I've lost 4 dogs over the years.

Re: 16 Years Of Loyalty

Sun Aug 07, 2005 4:50 pm

Rusty Martin* wrote:...I know this is nothing compared to whats been going on in the world recently...

Maybe not, Rusty, but the pain of losing a pet is very real. One of the things most-endearing about a dog, cat or whatever is the fact that, to them, it doesn't matter what's happening in the world. They only care about you.

Chin up...

Sun Aug 07, 2005 5:22 pm

ColinB wrote:Rusty -

I know how you feel.

I've lost 4 dogs over the years.

Is that through forgetting where you left them tied up in town?

Sorry for your loss Rusty

Mon Aug 08, 2005 12:03 am

AndrewJ wrote:
ColinB wrote:Rusty -

I know how you feel.

I've lost 4 dogs over the years.

Is that through forgetting where you left them tied up in town?

I believe one was when he went on a picnic. He forgot he tied the dogs leash to the cars bumper bar. :oops:

:wink: :wink: :wink:

Mon Aug 08, 2005 12:15 am

Well, I'm glad some of you guys find this subject amusing.

Mon Aug 08, 2005 1:27 am

Colin.....its ok.....I understand the posts, and appreciate ALL of them...its been easier today, my best friend was away camping this weekend, up in the highlands of Scotland....not the best of signals.. but he phoned me twice. to make sure I was have no idea how much I have been blessed by animal and human love..... :wink:

:lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:

Tue Aug 09, 2005 11:20 pm

I've been through the loss of a pet, many actually, and I know the difficulty in making the choice you did. I'm sure your lives were richer for the experience of having Toby share his life with you. You will always have those wonderful memories. I hope they bring you peace.

Wed Aug 10, 2005 2:15 am

Colin is that where they got the idea from in National Lampoon's Vacation??

Just messing with you. :wink: