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Thu Jun 12, 2003 10:45 pm

Hey all,

What's the best way to collect import's - on cd or cdr? Is there any difference between the sound quality of cd v cdr?

What would you all recommend.


Tue Jul 15, 2003 2:20 am

it can be very hard to collect "import's" because they are illegal recorded cd's (bootlegs) so best way to do it is to get your hands on original copies of them on cdr. There's no quality loss regarding the sound.

Why don't you stick to FTD'S, our official collectors label.

Tue Jul 15, 2003 3:24 pm

Indeed, buying FTD is getting an increasingly better and safer alternative than trying to track down bootlegs, which are often not what they promise sound-wise and content-wise. Within the bootleg world the best bet are still the better live concert soundboards and audience recordings (1969-1977) from the better bootleg or "import" labels like DAE/Luxor, Fort Baxter, Madison, Rock Legends, Bilko, etc. For studio takes, I would say: go and buy the same material in the present and the future in much better sound at FTD.

There are different websites (among those this site) that offer a great deal of info on many import releases. But because there are so many configurations of bootlegs or "bootlegs of bootlegs", it's impossible to find
ALL of them at one place. Still the FECCO and the Norwegian site ("Elvis is still active in Norway") offer a good deal of the best and/or best known
bootlegs (audience rec., soundboard rec., studio rec.) and often their respective reviews. Like Dr. John would say: Read and Learn.

If you haven't digested FTD yet, I suggest you start there - if your appetite isn't fulfilled then, you can start looking elsewhere: this board (trade section) and eBay for starters. Once you get going and you are known the offers might come in. Look at your own country or neighbouring countries first, if a person doesn't deliver from there it's easier to pressure them within a lesser distance, believe me.

Remember, it's all based on trust, you don't have any legal ground at all, because both the seller and you are subject to the copright law and
subsequent prosecution. It's illegal so watch out. Better wait for a good and safe opportunity, then to go ahead with everyone you might run across. And very important: invest a rather small amount the first time around. I've been a collector for 7 years and had to learn without anyone giving me advice. You new guys are pampered like babies with great MB's like this one to find out about anything that might cross your minds:D ...

It's hard nowadays for a collector who's just starting out to collect bootleg cd's. Since FTD started out, the late great old bootleg titles are very hard to find, at least the original cd's (+expensive). In the 90s it was much easier and cheaper. But collecting cd-r is a good alternative and much much cheaper and you still get the same music. But beware: this is illegal also.

You also will not find out easily who sells imports here or elsewhere on a public forum because the sellers are afraid to come forth and shout: "Here I am, Buy from me!". :) Of course there are the ones that don't know they are in dangerous ground doing this and there are those who just don't care and like the risk that goes along with this business.

Another alternative is joining a fan club, they usually can help you out with some import titles.

Let me say for the record that I at present don't participate in selling, buying or distributing any so-called bootlegs, the above text is just for information purposes. And FTD should satuate most fans that want to go beyond BMG/RCA releases. :wink: