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A review of a Jerry Lewis show in Staten Island, New York

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Jerry Lewis cracks up crowd at St. George Theatre

Jerry Lewis at the St. George Theatre on Staten Island:

By Rob Bailey |
on October 17, 2016 at 2:57 PM

STATEN ISLAND, N.Y. — Jerry Lewis became the latest in a long line of living legends to grace the historic St. George Theatre stage Sunday night.

The comedy icon regaled the crowd with tales of his first St. George appearance: At 17 years old back in 1944.

"The Nutty Professor" star told us his goal was to "entertain the audience and give the people their money's worth ... with lots and lots of laughs."

If the short video clip attached here is any indication — Jerry delivered.

Can't say we're too surprised. Before the show, the industry veteran shared his top tip for making it in the comedy industry: "Always put the audience first."

Coincidently, "An Evening with Jerry Lewis" arrived on the heels of the premiere of his cinematic comeback in "Max Rose." For his first lead film role in 25 years, Lewis tackles the title character of "a musician who attempts to unravel a mystery concerning his recently deceased wife of 65 years."

"I was instantly drawn to the script and said 'yes' within an hour of reading it," he said. "I enjoyed working with writer and director Daniel Noah."

Lewis' latest lead role has generated some Oscar buzz for the actor.

"I haven't heard about that," said Lewis in an interview with the Advance. "But I do have the Jean Hersholt Humanitarian Oscar in my den above my television set. So, I look at it every day."