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Rolling stone article 5/8/03

Thu Jun 12, 2003 8:01 pm

Elvis, Madonna and 2Pac all wrote songs about their moms

By Michael Ansaldo

There are few things as powerful as a mother's love. It quells our fears, soothes our disappointments and always makes us feel understood. That's why so many pop stars use their platform to pay homage, pay last respects or -- in Eminem and Sinead's cases -- pay back the person who gave them life. Here are some of rock & roll's most memorable mom tunes:

"That's Someone You Never Forget"
Elvis Presley

This tearjerker is one of only a handful of songs to bear Presley's name on the writing credit. In reality, the King only contributed the evocative title, which buddy Red West then used as a jumping-off point for the song, but Elvis' passionate vocals make the lyrics all his. Although the song's open-ended greeting card sentiment could easily be about romantic love, Presley's inner circle has long maintained that on this track his heart belonged to mama Gladys, who had passed three years earlier.