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Kraftwerk live 2 CD set

Wed Jul 20, 2005 2:13 pm

:lol: Great new live 2 CD set I just picked up recently released by them in 2005! they have put in some well.... :? :( :twisted: copyright copying thing into the cd's but it comes with interesting value 22 live tracks recorded from around the world from their 2004 tours between March and June 2004 and several tracks i had not heard b4 which were pretty cool 8) and also their best known songs seemed EXCELLENT in sound/mixing to listen too withh fans loving it!!! Berst one to me (i had not heard B4 ) was the 10th track on the 2nd CD hilarious and very good!!! recomended as a good 2 CD 'live' set and priced same as a normal 1 CD good value and not bad(considering they don't seem to come out with a whole brand new cd these days! :( )