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Fun game: name the movie

Fri Jul 08, 2005 8:28 pm

Let's lighten up the board if we can.

here's a game about name that movie,
but the key is you use contemporary terms to describe it.

for example:
a blonde hottie desperate housewife meets a grungey loser dude
they boink and plot to kill her husband.
They pimp his ride right over a cliff.
the title has a reference to snail mail

figure it out? :?:

Here's a fresh name-that-film quiz:

it's the lord of the rings of westerns....
it has a Boba Fett type of character....
he and two other dudes are searching for buried bling-bling
and must travel thru lands where rival gangs are fighting.


Fri Jul 08, 2005 8:38 pm

Good, Bad and the Ugly

Re: .

Fri Jul 08, 2005 8:43 pm

Blue-Gypsy wrote:Good, Bad and the Ugly


I actually used that description a while back to convince a 20+yr cousin he should watch the film.
"It's a long journey like lord of the rings...Clint Eastwood plays a Boba Fett...."
seriously said that
and that modern-term spin on it, helped sell it.
He changed his mind, finally watched it and liked it.

Might this approach help promote great old films to young people today?

I've seen AMC use the method to some degree on their promos.

--- think up one Tony.