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Batman Begins

Fri Jun 17, 2005 3:53 pm

I'm hoping to see this either tonight or tomorrow. I'll post my opinion. I gotta say: I'm really excited about this film!

Fri Jun 17, 2005 3:57 pm

Pete -

The 'Batman' figure doesn't appear until over half-way through !

Just thought I'd warn you !

Fri Jun 17, 2005 4:35 pm

Just a question...

What does Batman begin?


Fri Jun 17, 2005 5:53 pm

Sam -

The title could read:

"Batman - the Story Begins....."

Fri Jun 17, 2005 11:28 pm

sam wrote:Just a question...

What does Batman begin?


Batman begins writing a post on the messageboard but suddenly the batsignal calls him away, leaving his pc online, to go vanquish crime in the streets of Gotham.

Lurking out there is Big Boss Man and he's knocking down buildings with his mighty knees and elbows.

His twisted sidekick Tupelo Boy is zapping lightning bolts and absorbing all the neon from the streetlights.

Batman begins kicking their butts.

And by the time Batman begins to undress from his batsuit to take a nice warm bath, a polaroid camera flashes and he's caught al fresco by a sneaky tabloid paparazi and thus, for SAM, a blackmail begins.


Sat Jun 18, 2005 12:14 am

Thank You GG ! :D


Sat Jun 18, 2005 5:13 am

Pete - I'm looking forward to this movie, too.

Let us know what you think.

I hope they didn't screw it up :wink:


Sat Jun 18, 2005 10:57 am

I saw it opening day and have to say...


I was waiting for this one for a very long time and I was glad to see they got it right.

It was better than both Spider-Man movies, both of which I loved, IMO.

I loved the way they spent a significant amount of time showing how he became Batman. That was a big flaw in the first Spider-Man movie, I thought. They didn't spend enough time on the evolution of how he became who he became. They did an extraordinary job of this in Batman.

Sat Jun 18, 2005 8:31 pm

I disliked the second Spiderman. Though I will welcome another Batman if its good.

Still Spider-man is the second best superhero movie I have seen. Superman will always be king IMO. Though it has a Star Wars problem....there is a loyal fan base that thinks the second one is better...yeah right.

Though on a side note, has anyone else noticed that the movie Carrie has a very similar feel with the spinning around part and her covering her eyes at the table, in relation to the Lois Lane and Superman "date". Seeing that they both came out near the same time, it is hard to ignore this.

Sun Jun 19, 2005 4:28 am

I have'nt seen this flim yet either.
with my new job i have right now it's hard to go see the flim.
but soon i have a day off and with some money i am thinking on going to see the movie.

Sun Jun 19, 2005 5:54 am

Ok, I've seen Batman Begins. I thought it was very good, I'd give it 4 stars out of 5. I'll say right off the bat (pun intended) that one has to set aside the Tim Burton/ Michael Keaton films to properly appreciate this. Gone are the gothic sets. Gone are the scene-stealing, over-the-top villians. Gone is the macabre humor. This film plays it straight, it strives to make it as real as is possible. It is much more of a plot and character driven film than the other ones. Christian Bale is grim and gritty-voiced as Batman, but it's his troubled, haunted Bruce Wayne that really sells the film. Michael Caine is outstanding as Alfred, and provides most of the film's humorous moments. The rest of the cast are also quite good, particularly Gary Oldman as Gordon. It took me a little while to get used to the new look of the Batmobile, but it makes sense to re-imagine it as a para-military combat vehicle.
The only real negative in my view is that many of the fight scenes were inadequately lit, and the fights were executed very fast so it was hard to make out what was happening.
Overall I greatly enjoyed it and felt that it was at long last the real Batman!

Sun Jun 19, 2005 10:52 am

I also thought Bale was terrific, Pete. I think he's best on screen Batman and very certainly the best Bruce Wayne.

I thought more than the lighting the action scenes suffered from jumpy editing and close ups that were too close. The slam bang end of the world ending seemed cribbed from other movies. I also wish Commissioner Gordon were given more screen time.

I really thought it was good though and I loved the build up and the characterization. I also loved the realism of the film's milieu. It really benefitted from being less of a fantasy.

Gene- I thought "Spiderman 2" was an upgrade on part 1. I really thought part 1 suffered because of what I perceived to be fake looking cartoonish special effects. It really spoild the illusion. I also liked the day and day in out they gave you of Spiderman's every day life and I loved the little comic book moments like when Spiderman tried to stop the train with his feet and the guy says: "Any other bright ideas".

Mon Jun 20, 2005 7:48 pm

The problem with part 2 was the goofy atomsphere. What the hell was the Spiderman pass over the bodies??? after the train. Talk about CHEESE!!!

Also the Aunt was rediculous. Her character wasn't believable and got way too much time. At least she could have been consistent.

Spider-man is my favorite comic and there were lots of elements I liked from the first movie. The second one to me..added nothing. The stupid hallmark moments were unconvincing. Especially toward the end.

Is it just me, or were they obviously playing to a female audience alot more?

Sorry, but there are alot more villians to cover and keeping it to the Green Goblin only is a sell out.

Thu Jun 23, 2005 2:28 am

Thanks for the reviews, guys.

I hope to see this very soon :D

From what I can tell, I won't be dissapointed.