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Billy Is Back!

Wed Apr 13, 2005 3:23 am

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If you like Billy Idol and haven't picked up his new CD yet, go get it. It's very highly recommended!

It's so damn good - almost every song is a winner.

And yes - Steve Stevens is on the guitar - and he hasn't missed a lick. He performed with Billy on the "Storytellers" VH-1 special. And I was hoping they would make an album together. WOW - and what an album!

Here's a review from Amazon that describes it perfectly:

There is only one word to describe Devil's Playground, awesome. This CD is just so wonderful. Many artists whose success peaked in the 80's often release CD's where they try to re-invent themselves. Billy didn't do that. He stayed true to his rock and roll roots. He didn't try to go alternative or really try to be something that he wasn't. Devil's Playground is very reminiscent to his albums Rebel Yell and Whiplash Smile. Yes, Billy took it back to those days. This isn't your Charmed Life or Cyberpunk Billy Idol this is the Billy that you loved in the 80's. It's crazy, but Billy really recaptured the magic of Rebel Yell and the 80's all over again on this album.

Devil's Playground makes the wait oh so worth it. This is the best Billy Idol CD in a very long time from start to finish. The album opens up with two really good, but different songs, "Super Overdrive" and "World Comin' Down." Billy's voice sounds a bit different on these two songs, either due to the key he is singing in or just experimenting with the track. The song "Rat Race" is a slow rock song, but not a ballad and it just rocks. I can't say enough good things about this album.

The first single from Devil's Playground, "Scream," is a safe first single because it just rocks and Billy's fans are sure to embrace this first single which would be perfect for a movie's theme song or for a car commercial. Start to finish, Devil's Playground is a really good album. The song, "Cherie," is an up-tempo love song. The guitar riff of "Romeo's Waiting" will just take you back to the 80's. Think about the album tracks from "Whiplash Smile" and "Rebel Yell" that didn't get released. "Romeo's Waiting" is just a really great song.

Start to finish, Devil's Playground is an awesome CD. If some of your favorite artists from the 80's took long breaks only to come back with a sub par CD, fear not. Billy Idol didn't do that. He went in the lab and came out with a masterpiece that will go down as one of the best CD's he has ever released.

If you got it, share your thoughts on it.


Wed Apr 13, 2005 6:52 am

I'm gonna have to get this! He is also giving a concert in Tulsa, I think I may go.

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