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To: paulwood

Fri Jun 06, 2003 5:26 pm

I wanted to respond to your inquiry about Ms. Barrymore, but thought it would get lost in that other thread. The address you have ( 1122 S. Robertson Blvd. #15) is for a company called Studio Fan Mail. Celebrities contract with them to provide pre-printed and auto-penned autographs. They have hundreds of clients including Sharon Stone, Michael Douglas, Kevin Bacon, Vanessa Williams, Bruce Willis, and John Goodman. While the autographs are fine for the casual fan, they are worthless for collector's, as I am sure you know as you could spot that it was a fake. As is usually the case, Ms. Barrymore does not accept fan mail at any other address and any that is sent to her home or office is forwarded to SFM. However, she is a great signer at premiers and personal appearances, so you do have a chance to get a real one. I hope this helps you and if there is any other celebrity address or info you need, please feel free to ask.


Sat Jun 07, 2003 4:50 am

And she was in Sydney the other night with the other Charlies Angels.

And I didn't go down.........

..... to Sydney :(


Sat Jun 07, 2003 6:31 pm

Thankyou Tom -thats very helpful and very informative. I might well take you up on your offer of help with other contacts.

I should be going to the Premiere of Charlies Angels 2 FULL THROTTLE in London so maybe I'll get lucky with Drew then. 8) With an autograph that is!

I'd been looking at some of the signed pics of Drew on e-bay and was thinking about getting one from a recognised dealer but I can't identify
which autographs are genuine and which are fakes. No two look the same. An in person signature would be the best option with Drew in more ways than one. Cheers!

Its alright SAM you didn't miss anything (much) :lol: .....

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