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Using marker on CDR's

Sun Jun 01, 2003 11:03 pm

A friend of mine has told me that using a Sharpie marker, or any type of marker, to label CDR's eventually causes it to have problems. (ie. skipping, unreadable disc) Can anyone confirm this or has had this problem? Thanks.

Sun Jun 01, 2003 11:34 pm

i never had any problems with it
mine plays fine.

curtis simpkins

Mon Jun 02, 2003 5:28 pm

Hi Curtis. I have not had any problems yet with my CDR's that I've labeled with marker but I'll probably use the sticker labels from now on, just in case.

Tue Jun 03, 2003 7:04 am

I've heard that you should never put any kind of sticker on a cd. Why would you do that before using a felt tip marker?

jeff R

Tue Jun 03, 2003 4:06 pm

Gotta agree with my friend Jeff on this one. I have hundreds of CD's with "Sharpie" writing on them and they all play just fine. I do know of one instance where someone had a put a label (sticker) on a cd and it came off and messed up their player pretty badly. Screwed up the laser alignment and it had to be sent off for repair. Just FYI.


Wed Jun 04, 2003 6:34 am

You're right Tom. I've heard stories like that, too. One of the main reasons that I don't believe in putting labels on the discs. They seem to "lift" after some time. Also, humidity will do the same thing.

jeff R

Wed Jun 04, 2003 7:29 pm

hi guys
i have the sticker's on mine and so far i have no trouble with them.

and they do play fine. and also they make youre cdr looks
great to.

curtis simpkins

Wed Jun 04, 2003 7:44 pm

Didn't you just say about a week ago that you didn't have any import CD-R's?? Just another in the long list I guess. Quick now, come up with an oh so clever excuse.


Wed Jun 04, 2003 7:52 pm

hey tom
youre right i dont have import cdrs only cdrs i have are the ones i made
from my lps and tapes and now i am getting imports from a friend of mine
making my own cds with covers and lables.

just started on the import's last week, the other are from albums like
the "elvis presley boulevard memphis tennessee"

so far i have all elvis lps on cdrs.

curtis simpkins

Wed Jun 04, 2003 8:09 pm

:roll: uh huh. :roll:


Wed Jun 04, 2003 9:18 pm

These cdrs that i am making are from my album collection
i just about got them done so far i have done is
all of the gold records lps and some 50s lps like

the "elvis"
loving you
king creole
christmas lp
in the 70s the madsion concert
and the live on stage in memphis lp
and the worldwide gold award hits vol 1 and 2
and the camden lps

curtis simpkins

Wed Jun 04, 2003 9:22 pm

Well, good for you.


Wed Jun 04, 2003 9:29 pm

C'mon Tom you got to be better than that to catch slick curtis. I know he has at least 1 cdr cause he sent it to me. To be fair he didn't use Marker....he used ball point pen.

Wed Jun 04, 2003 9:41 pm


You mean he might not be telling the truth?? I am aghast!!!


Wed Jun 04, 2003 9:45 pm

??? I am confused by your last response. I am not really defending curtis, but he has stated on many occasions that he tranfer his records and tapes to CDR. My comment is that you have to be quicker than that to catch Curtis in his web of lies. lol

Wed Jun 04, 2003 9:54 pm

I was simply showing my sarcastic response to your earlier post. I know he spins a web of lies and then runs for cover when cornered, like a cockroach when you turn the light on.
We're on the same page, my friend.


Wed Jun 04, 2003 9:58 pm

No problem. Same here, though I am not quite as hard on Curtis...I still wonder about those mysterious names that pop up. I don't like that at all!!

Wed Jun 04, 2003 10:14 pm

Perhaps I am hard on our schizophrenic little friend, but you know what, I call them as I see them. Granted, it's not as bad as it used to be (remember Baldman, Kramer, Tom's Cousin in South Carolina among several other names he used) but his multiple log-ins are still uncalled for and immature. He's even back to his old tricks of posting as me on another board. Of course, he screwed up and got busted and now is blatantly denying it (just like he will when he reads this). What a dingleberry.


Thu Jun 05, 2003 3:34 am

I haven't had a problem with marker pens. Maybe it might depend on the disc (not a very good label side)as well as the pen for those that have a problem.