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Will he or wont he?

Yes of course he will, he's loaded aint he?
No, justice will prevail
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Fri Apr 01, 2005 6:46 pm

BornInTrouble wrote:Only TOM and his Army knows the True.

You have quite the Army yourself. Too bad they all reside in your head.


Sat Apr 02, 2005 10:04 pm

Could he "walk" next week?

Jackson's lawyers are calling for yet another mistrial,the judge will consider their request next week.

I always said he'll get off on a technicality. ... 403261.stm

Mon Apr 04, 2005 7:25 pm

Latest news

Jurors are expected to hear claims that Michael Jackson sexually abused an alleged five other boys, including Home Alone star Macaulay Culkin.

Prosecutor Tom Sneddon will seek to portray the singer as a serial child abuser who was forced to pay off two of his victims to keep them quiet, and will claim Jackson used similar methods of grooming and molesting the boys, all aged 10-13, for sexual gratification.

The decision to allow such testimony came as a devastating blow to the defence and could significantly bolster the current case against the star, brought by Gavin Arvizo and his family - although only one of the five alleged victims is expected to appear in court.

Culkin, now 24, has repeatedly denied he was ever abused when the singer befriended him in the early 1990s. His publicist said she did not expect him to testify.

Jason Francia, also 24, the son of a former maid at Jackson's Neverland ranch, claims he was molested three times. He and his mother received a settlement of more than 2 million dollars (£1.06 million) from Jackson in 1994 and both will take to the stand.

Jordy Chandler, Jackson's original accuser, who reached an out of court settlement worth an alleged 20 million dollars (£10.6 million) in 1994, is said to be out of the country. His mother, however, will give evidence.

The two others, Australians Brett Barnes and Wade Robson, have both admitted sharing the singer's bed in the early 1990s but have insisted they were not abused.

Judge Rodney Melville ruled that testimony involving the five boys could be admitted in order show an alleged pattern of abuse by Jackson.

Jurors heard about previous allegations of sex abuse for the first time on Friday when the Arvizo family's original lawyer, Larry Feldman, described how he had also represented Chandler in 1993.

Michael Jackson denies all charges. The trial continues.


Tue Apr 05, 2005 12:07 am

Now a reliable witness, one of Michael Jacksons managers, has testified that he saw 3 young boys coming out of of the wine cellar at Neverlands and they were drunk.Asked if MJ was with them and his reply was YES.

Info about Elvisgirl: She has been abit quiet lately folks, but it seems abit odd that someone using the same name is now putting messages on the Elvisnews site with the same sort of attitute but this Elvisgirl has claimed that she hates Michael Jackson and wouldnt buy any of his records.
How Weird is that?

Tue Apr 05, 2005 7:19 am

Maybe someone needs to visit Elvisgirl and take away her sharp knives. Everyone seems to be saying he's toast. As one court watcher commented:

A court watcher wrote:I can't imagine how any jury would not be able to find him guilty, but then OJ Simpson is wandering around on golf courses today, soooo....ya never know.

The biggest difference between the two though (read disadvantage for Jackson) is that OJ is not a mutated, gender bender, white-washed, effeminate circus pervert, that's tuned into a different planet. That doesn't make OJ any better, it just makes Michael worse.

Here's what the New York Times is reporting in tomorrow's edition:

Son of Former Maid Testifies That Jackson Molested Him
Published: April 5, 2005

SANTA MARIA, Calif., April 4 - In an afternoon of spellbinding testimony, the son of Michael Jackson's former maid said Monday that the pop singer molested him three times from age 7 to 10.

The man, now a 24-year-old auto-parts salesman and a mentor to troubled teens, told of being groped by Mr. Jackson while they watched cartoons at Mr. Jackson's condominium in Hollywood. He also told jurors on Monday that Mr. Jackson would then stuff a $100 bill down his pants as hush money.

The man choked back tears as he recalled being groped twice at the condominium, which he called the "hideaway," once when he was 7 and once when he was 8. He testified that the third and most devastating event, when he was 10, occurred in a loft at the Neverland ranch, where he said Mr. Jackson reached under the boy's shorts and touched his "private parts."

His testimony came in fits and starts, as he dabbed his eyes with a tissue and cleared his throat with water. He said that he was still haunted by his memories and that it took five years of counseling for him to get through conflicting feelings about his sexuality.

"It's embarrassing now and I'm 24 years old," he said. "It was difficult for me."

He said he never told his mother about the incident at Neverland.

His testimony was the first of five sexual abuse allegations that the jury will hear about Mr. Jackson that do not involve the boy in the current case. The past accusations never resulted in charges against Mr. Jackson. Last week, Judge Rodney S. Melville of Santa Barbara County Superior Court ruled that jurors could hear the allegations to determine whether there was a pattern of child abuse.

Mr. Jackson's current accuser, a 15-year-old recovering cancer patient, has already testified. If convicted, Mr. Jackson, who is charged with plying the boy with alcohol, molesting him and then conspiring to hold his family hostage to avoid scrutiny, could spend nearly 20 years in prison.

Ron Zonen, the senior deputy district attorney of Santa Barbara County, began the questioning on Monday by asking the man, who received more than $2 million from Mr. Jackson in a settlement in 1994, to identify Mr. Jackson. He responded, "He's the light-complexioned gentleman."

Then the man, a former youth minister, laid out his accusations against Mr. Jackson.

The first event, he said, happened when he was 7, sitting on Mr. Jackson's lap and watching cartoons.

"He started tickling me," the man testified. The two laughed for a few minutes. Eventually, Mr. Jackson began groping him through his clothes, he said. When the pop star was done, he put a $100 bill in the boy's pants, telling him not to tell his mother, the man said. He added that his mother later took the money.

He did not have contact with Mr. Jackson for a year, until his mother took him back to the condominium because she did not have a baby sitter, he testified. Again, they watched cartoons, this time while lying on a sleeping bag.

"Michael was pretty much behind me spooning me," he said. "Again tickling."

Mr. Jackson again groped him through his shorts, the man said. Again, $100.

"This time was longer, but I wasn't laughing as much," he said.

How much longer? Mr. Zonen asked.

"A cartoon and a half," the man estimated.

The third occasion came at the Neverland Valley ranch while the boy was lying on a couch playing video games. He was 10.

When pressed for details, he crumbled. "This took a lot of counseling to get over, in case you want to know," he said before composing himself.

He continued, "I was wearing shorts, I'm pretty sure, because he reached under."

"What were you thinking at the time?" Mr. Zonen asked.

"I should probably go."

Where was his mother during these events? the prosecutor asked at one point. "She was cleaning," the man said. "She was always cleaning."

The testimony seemed to be a boon for the prosecutors, who to this point had offered witnesses who appeared to be of more help to the defense, including a flight attendant who said she did not see Mr. Jackson ply his young accuser with alcohol; the accuser himself, who contradicted his own testimony; and Mr. Jackson's longtime house manager, who said children were never allowed to have alcohol at Neverland.

In the final hour of the afternoon, Mr. Jackson's lead lawyer, Thomas A. Mesereau Jr., began his cross-examination, intended to show that the man's account was prepped and fabricated from the beginning, the motivation being the settlement he received from Mr. Jackson in 1994 - around the time the singer settled with another boy accuser for more than $20 million.

Mr. Mesereau began as he always does when introducing himself to a new witness. "My name is Tom Mesereau, and I speak for Michael Jackson," he said.

"O.K.," the man answered.

"So you know who I am," Mr. Mesereau said. "I'm on his side."

Mr. Mesereau asked him if he knew that his mother had appeared on the tabloid television show "Hard Copy" in 1993 for a reported $20,000.

The man said he did not learn until a few years afterward that his mother had spoken publicly about the molesting, when he came across the show himself. The man said that he and his mother do not have much of a relationship, and that they rarely talk. She is expected to testify in the next few days.

Mr. Mesereau reminded the man that when he was first interviewed by detectives in 1993, he said Mr. Jackson had never done anything untoward to him beyond the tickling.

"I blocked it out," the man said. "I didn't want to repeat that stuff ever again."

"So you were lying to the police," Mr. Mesereau later said.

"I was at first, yeah," the man answered.

Tue Apr 05, 2005 7:48 pm

Sean Ryan wrote:Info about Elvisgirl: She has been abit quiet lately folks, but it seems abit odd that someone using the same name is now putting messages on the Elvisnews site with the same sort of attitute but this Elvisgirl has claimed that she hates Michael Jackson and wouldnt buy any of his records.
How Weird is that?

Considering the source, (Image) not weird at all.