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Bruce Springsteen 'Seven Nights To Rock' (Paris 24-05-03)

Sun May 25, 2003 5:10 pm

Springsteen's 'Seven Nights To Rock' (MP3), as peformed last night in Paris:

Wed May 28, 2003 12:28 am

Awesome -- thanks for the link Bob.

Thirty-plus years in and Bruce remains a totally valid, committed artist.

Wed May 28, 2003 2:18 am

You're welcome DJC.

Bruce is in my top 2 of favourite singers.
Saw a couple of his shows over the past weeks. They were great.

And I've been told that especially the Paris show was fantastic, with 3 songs performed acoustic, two hours before the actual show started, to a small crowd of early birds.
And 'Who'll Stop The Rain' as opener (in the pouring rain!). Wow!

I finally had a chance to meet Springsteen, at the Amstel Hotel in Amsterdam on may 8th. That night he performed in Rotterdam.
He was really cool and friendly, and he took the time to sign autographs.

A friend of mine (grey shirt) to the left, and me to the right:

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Wed May 28, 2003 4:44 am

That is an AWESOME pic, Bob! Did a friend snap it?

Thu May 29, 2003 12:48 am

Wow -- what a treat, to greet Bruce in such a fashion.

I've always felt Springsteen carries the legacy and the promise of Elvis in the way he conducts his career and treats his fans. There's no one quite like him -- on or off the stage. Long may he rock!

Thu May 29, 2003 1:31 am

Khoots -
Actually it was taken by an Italian fan, who had a digital camera. I received that pic a few days later.

It is really unbelievable how Bruce has always kept in contact with his fans all over the world.
There are not that many (if any) artists of his status, that still take the time to interact with their fans.

Here's a few more pictures from Amsterdam, may 8th.

Springsteen walking out of the Amstel Hotel:

Bruce is signing a friends' "Bruce-arm"

One hour later, and after a visit to the local tattoo-shop:

And another beautiful picture. Springsteen walking away on The Dam Square in A'dam (and nobody seems to recognise one of the greatest artists of all time):
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Thu May 29, 2003 2:52 am

Wow. Like I said, Springsteen's one of a kind. I love that tattoo!

Check this out -- "Seven Nights To Rock" is a March 1956 single by Moon Mullican, more recently covered by BR5-49.

Here's the original King single:


I found the song lyrics, too:

The Mullican tune is included on the UK compilation King Rockabilly (Ace CD 777). This disc also has "Jungle Rock," a 1959 track by Hank Mizell that Bruce covered at the LA Forum in October 1980.

Rock on Bob!
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Thu May 29, 2003 2:57 am

Indeed. That is great to see. I love the candids--and the tattoo IS awesome!

Thu May 29, 2003 3:49 pm

Just got back from both the London gigs..
oh man that "seven nights" rocked, i was hoping it was a new original ,guess not. We got the detroit medley to which is what ive wanted to hear in concert <and bobby jean , myall time favorite> ..myonly wish list for the next tour is to hear Point blank..i live in hope.. though overall i appreciate that bruce likes to keep the material based in the here and now,which is fine by me ,but he did drop counting on a miracle from the main set on both nights
"there are 3 conditions
1 the music must be righteous
2 the musis must be righteous
3 everyone must get up offa their Asses
regards nick

Thu May 29, 2003 5:14 pm

This one is indeed a TRUE beauty!!
Thanks Bob for sharing, if you have more, please send ;-)


Thu May 29, 2003 5:42 pm

Close-Up (Springsteen style):


'Are you talking to me?'


Steve is one of the nicest guys. He even agreed to talk to a friend on the phone who couldn't attend the concert.
(imagine my buddy's face when he answered the phone ...)


Thu May 29, 2003 5:54 pm

Said it before, worth saying again--INCREDIBLE!! I love those shots, especially the one of Bruce walking away from the camera. Were there any other "E-Streeters" on the streets?

Thu May 29, 2003 6:13 pm


Thanks for the info on Mullican!
I found out I actually have some of his songs on 'MCA Rockabillies', a three volume series.
There are some liner notes on him, but there's no mention of '7 Nights'. His trademark song was 'Moon's Rock', according to the booklet. I love that tune.

Khoots -

Also 'Out In The Street' were Danny, Garry, Max, Roy and Crystal.
No sight of Nils and Clarence.
Also Mrs. Springsteen was nowhere to be seen. She also missed the first shows of the European tour.

I met Clarence in '88 at the Rotterdam Hilton. He had his complete family with him, but he took the time to sign autographs and pose for the pics.

Like always Bruce and the band stay at different hotels.

Thu May 29, 2003 9:18 pm

Bruce is playing Old Trafford Cricket Ground in Manchester tonight, I'm going to sit in the back garden with a beer and listen in.

Living within earshot of a major open air venue can have its compensations!


Fri May 30, 2003 2:02 am

I saw the setlist of tonight's Manchester gig. 'Loose Ends' made its debut.

For the happy few:

'Incident On 57th Street' MP3 (Rotterdam, may 6th) ... Street.mp3

'Something In The Night' MP3 (Brussels, may 12th) ... eNight.mp3

'Sandy' MP3 (Brussels, may 12th)

'Who'll Stop The Rain' MPG Video (poor quality!) (Paris, may 24th) ... heRain.mpg

Sun Jun 08, 2003 5:05 am

This topic is still getting a lot of views - nearing 1500!
And I know that some regulars on this Board attended Springsteen's Rotterdam shows last months.

The complete 2nd Rotterdam show (may 8th) is available at this link:

Sun Jun 08, 2003 7:05 am

drjohncarpenter wrote:Awesome -- thanks for the link Bob.

Thirty-plus years in and Bruce remains a totally valid, committed artist.

Nice Dig Doc

I agree Bruce is a valid performer. So is Mick, Rod, Willie, Paul, etc...etc...


Tue Jun 10, 2003 2:37 am

Read and learn.

A simple statement of fact is not a "dig."

And none of the acts you cite measure up to the standards Bruce Springsteen has set and maintained for the past THIRTY years.

God bless!

7 nights to rock

Tue Jun 10, 2003 9:37 am

I was at Old Trafford.It was without doubt the best gig I've ever been to.
Bruce is trulyone of the greats


Tue Jun 10, 2003 4:01 pm

The performance of "Seven Nights to Rock" is really good!

I'm going to see him live in Sweden on June 21st. I'm looking forward to that, although I am a bit worried that some people in the audience will ruin the whole thing. A friend of mine saw him last time he was here, and he told me that hundreds of fat, drunk, middleaged men were shouthing "SING BORN IN THE USA!" through the whole concert. It was probably the only Springsteen song they knew. The fact that he DID sing the deleted - see guidelines #2 song didn't stop them -- it was the acoustic version, and of course they didn't recognize it. It's too bad that all good major artists attract lots of stupid people as well.

Keith Richards, Jr.

Thu Jun 19, 2003 1:33 am

Over 1,700 views! This must be the most popular post on this MB. I guess Bruce still commands a respect and awe few others can approach.

Keith, do offer us your review of the Sweden concert on 21 June -- just a few days off! I'll look for it.

Read and learn

Thu Jun 19, 2003 3:18 am

Once again Doc you seem to confuse your fact with your passion. I am quite certain all on my list (with the exception of Willie) have sold more units in the last 20 years than your Boy

Do be well

Re: Read and learn

Thu Jun 19, 2003 12:50 pm

Blue-Gypsy wrote:Once again Doc you seem to confuse your fact with your passion. I am quite certain all on my list (with the exception of Willie) have sold more units in the last 20 years than your Boy

Once again, you're wrong.

<b>Read and learn!</b>

1) Sales do not always equate greatness -- or do you believe Britney Spears, Vanilla Ice or Taco made timeless music?

2) According to the RIAA (, between 1983 and 2003 Bruce Springsteen (58.5 million) far outsells your "boys" Mick Jagger (n/a), Rod Stewart (n/a), Willie Nelson (39 million) or Paul McCartney (25 million)

3) In the all-time top forty of albums, Bruce also rules, with 1984's Born In The USA album having moved 15 million (#18), while the Live 75-85 set, issued in 1986, hit 13 million (#32) -- no Mick, Rod, Willie or Paul in the bunch.

Looks like my facts AND passion are -- as usual -- right on the money.

And ... back in the corner you go.



Thu Jun 19, 2003 1:23 pm

While your facts fascinate me your song and dance bores me. Please run along and scan me another receipt or maybe you could titilate me with another of your compilation lists or perhaps you could post another review and then prompt us all to follow the link. Why not take the time to give everyones avitar a glance and then astound us all with the keen knowledge of which is being displayed in the reverse image. Possibly you might entertain us all with your clownish acts of superiority and give us a post that ends in one of your famous Tick...Tick... Ticks. I have an idea, post that frightening visage in your avitar again. Now that was good for some giggles and grins.
Please do something because you are becoming somethng of a bore. Of course you already know that don't you for you seem to have far to much time on your hands to have anything of a functioning social life.
Got to run now....but please do entertain me with a witty comeback. Including quotes of course.



Mon Jun 23, 2003 10:29 am


Springsteen's concert in Gothenburg the day before yesterday was... ah, I can't put it into words. COMPLETELY MINDBLOWING! It was obvious that everyone on stage, not least Springsteen himself, had FUN! Our man was all over the stage, smiling, dancing and even hanging upside down on the mikestand, and his voice was as good as ever. And his band, of course, still sounds absolutely fantastic.

Higlights are too many to mention but some of them are:

"Born to Run". Desribed by people who know as one of the best versions ever of this song. I believe them. Pure magic.

"Badlands". Even better!

"Mary's Place". This is one of the few songs on "The Rising" that I really love. Sure, it is a fine album, with nice songs and beautiful lyrics, but it doesn't sound that good; the production is boring and dated on most of the songs. "Mary Place" is a killer live, too. And the band introduction in the middle of the song is brilliant!

"Waitin' on a Sunny Day". One of the songs on "The Rising" that suffers from the production. It is much better live, I think. It sounds like a classing live song -- I'm sure this will stay in his set list forever!

"Dancing in the Dark". Yes!

"Seven Nights to Rock". I guess almost no-one in the audience had heard this song before, but after a minute or so everyone was singing along! This was probably my favourite of the night.

"Twist and Shout". Wo-hoo! The last song, played for almost 20 minutes. It almost tore the place down. Last time he was here, 1985, he actually destroyed parts of the arena -- it couldn't stand all these people dancing on it. It took years to fix that up. Just before he started this song, Springsteen shouted something like: "Are you ready to tear this place down again!?" And we almost did. It was a riot!

People who attended both shows (he played Gothenburg two days in a row) said that the second show was even better...

Keith Richards, Jr.