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Tom Jones A&E tv special

Tue May 20, 2003 4:55 pm

Hi folks -
I just want to let everyone who may be interested know that Tom Jones will be doing a 2 hour concert special this coming Friday night on the A&E channel here in the U.S. EST. This will be followed by an episode of Biography entitled Elvis and June: a love story.

Tue May 20, 2003 6:55 pm

Thanks, Pete. I hope to catch some of that (Tom Jones special, that is. I have the Elvis/June thing).......

Wed May 21, 2003 3:29 am

Hey Pete - Thanks for this post, I'll tape this concert and put it on VCD. I've been trying to add a lot of these shows to my trading list. Chris

Sat May 24, 2003 12:09 am

Well it's 5:00 pm folks, time for me to make like a shepard and get the flock outta here! Just 3 hours to the Tom Jones special. To those who plan on watching it: enjoy!

Fri May 30, 2003 4:16 pm

I just wanted to say that I thoroughly enjoyed this show! I've since found out that it was taped in July 2001, but it was still quite an impressive, energetic performance from a 61 year old man! Does anybody know if songs were edited from this show? There was a brief clip of him singing Without Love, but the entire song was not featured in the tv special. Also I'll Never Fall In Love Again; Daughter Of Darkness; Kiss; and Love Me Tonight were not included in the special. He must have at least sang INFILA and Kiss during the actual concert(s)?