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Love it or hate it - 'ANOTHER DAY' remix of 'Let Me'

Tue Feb 07, 2012 4:50 pm

Love it or hate it - 'ANOTHER DAY' remix of 'Let Me' ????????????

Background: This is the title song off the album that ELVISX pitched to Sony Music. They expressed interest and intrigue but told me they couldn't do anything until next year. Unfortunately, with the news of the Viva Elvis Album, it has become apparent that they wanted to release their own "remix" album. ELVISX put a lot of work into these songs and they don't deserve to sit silent any longer."

NEW EDIT: I like this take on the old and very dated sounding country and western song 'Let Me' and have made a suitable video for it. Made exclusively for Elvis Black Country DVD Discos down at HOT SHOTS in Oldbury UK (each and every month)

TCB, Shaky