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"No Fooling Around" The KING Rocks again !

Fri May 16, 2003 7:41 am

Yes in deed, this is what Elvis was about,........just like the title says
"No Fooling Around !" Elvis really dives into the show as he should, his voice is strong and confident.

Elvis keeps the show Rockin through Out,...

Mannnn it just pisses me off at the same time listening to this type of show that it would only be a few short years where Elvis wouldn't be taking his shows as seriously as this, certainly not entirely his fault tho because of ill health due to too much play and a few too many drugs.........

Mannn..... what a shame, because I can just picture him at this show Mean and Lean, hard to believe a little over 4 years and he's gone.......

Anyway it is what it is,.......back to the CD, Artwork is great and booklet is nice,.......however if there is anything I like to see relating to the Artwork for these Live performances is to try a come up with pictures that relate to the shows performnace only, so One can visualise a little further by connecting to the show with what Elvis was wearing the night of the performance.....with the Vegas material for some reason its harder to obtain this type of information documenting what he wore for each show which is a shame....

But here again the Music comes first an it does with this release!

Audience recording or not its worth having in One's collection!

Happy hunting!

PEP 8)