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"The Definitive Elvis" @ Best Buy

Wed May 14, 2003 8:08 pm

Best Buy is selling the "revised" edition for $84.99, FYI.


Wed May 14, 2003 8:49 pm

Whats the "revised" addition? Did they just condence it onto less DVDs or did some of the material get cut? I would really like to have this set, unless it has been butchered.

Wed May 14, 2003 8:52 pm

hi tom

i seen that dvd at best buy monday
i was going to get it but i got the other
dvd set its not elvis, but i only had enough mola
two get one of the two.

but it well be next on my list of dvds to get.

i am into dvds big time

cutris simpkins

Wed May 14, 2003 8:55 pm

I haven't heard what the difference is with this new version. It was sealed so I couldn't get a good look at it. I think it's still on 6 DVD's though. I'm sure you have the extra money now that the restraining order from Lisa marie prevents you from following her to every city. :lol:


Wed May 14, 2003 9:21 pm

I saw it too Tom, and I inquired about the differences on another thread. Unfortunately (and strangely I might add, given the number of collectors on this mb) no one seems to have any information as to how this was "revised".

Wed May 14, 2003 9:25 pm

maybe they had some left in the warehouse.

curtis simpkins

Wed May 14, 2003 9:40 pm

I have the revised definitive collection. It is still 6 DVD's and supposedly it was revised because of some copyright infringements, one of them being something about the Ed Sullivan appearance.

I posted a while back that they have this at for $63.99: ... video_dvd&

and free shipping if you pick the cheapest shipping (I still got mine in 3 days). There is also a $5 off coupon here: ... dcaid=1688

That takes the final price to $58.99. I have not been able to find a cheaper price anywhere else.

Lisa :D

Wed May 14, 2003 9:53 pm

KICK ASS!!!! Thnaks! :D :D :D

Wed May 14, 2003 10:02 pm

Oops, actually it's 8 DVDs. It's 16 one hour episiodes.

Lisa :D

Wed May 14, 2003 10:13 pm

was this been on tv before.
and now they put it in a box set :?:


Wed May 14, 2003 10:28 pm

Bear with me I am a little slow... :lol:
Is there any difference that anyone can tell between the old version and the revised version? Is one considered more valuable than the other? Was the original version pulled by EPE as I have heard?
I know where I can get the original version for around $100.00 but willget the revised if there is no difference one can tell from watching.
Any ideas?


Thu May 15, 2003 1:21 am

Blue Gypsy where can you get the original for around $100?


Thu May 15, 2003 1:35 am

Hey Moody Blue
I have an Elvis Shop right down the road from me who has had them since the first day they came out.


Thu May 15, 2003 2:46 am

Does the shop have a website?

Is there anyway to tell the difference by looking from the original and the updated one? I'm assuming maybe the release year 2002 and 2003.

What do you think?