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Concert worn hard to obtain?

Tue May 13, 2003 4:32 pm

Whilst I was just doing the dishes singing along to the 'Dixieland Rocks' CD (as you do!) I got to thinking what would be my dream piece of Elvis memorabilia to have & to cherish! No.1 was his autograph on a beautiful photo but I got to thinking as I listened to Elvis handing out scarfs in the 'Dixieland' concert that he must have handed out hundreds if not thousands over the years & surely a concert worn scarf must be an easier realisation than a really good looking autograph? Am I completley of track? How much do these 'scarfs' sell for & should I become hopeful to one day owning one or should I wait to win the lottery? I did a quick search on eBay & the only relevant one I could see had been cut into small fragments, framed & was being sold at quite a high price.

Tue May 13, 2003 5:04 pm

It's hard to tell if a scarf is realy worn by Elvis. During the years there are a lot of fake scarfs been made. If you would like too bey a real scarf you must find people who has recieved the scarf personaly from Elvis. Or fans who can tell the history of a scarf, maby a picture.

If you would bey a real scarf these day's you have to pay a lot of many. If you look into the books and internet you find prices between $600,- and $2500,-. (US-Dollar) The price depents of the colour and if the seller is knowing the scarf is for real.

Hope you have some good luck with finding a original scarf, and let us know if you find it !!! :lol:

Erik van den Berg


Wed May 14, 2003 1:44 am

Elvis gave out, literally, thousands of scarves. Now, it is almost impossible to know whether or not EP actually wore them. COA's, photos from the concert, concert ticket stubs, actual original concert newspaper reviews from a local newspaper, getting one from the person who actually attended the concert and received it from EP all serve to support to provenance. Still, in the end, ................ you can never really know for sure.

Add to that: The majority of scarves out there are more appropriately termed "Charlie Scarves" because Hodge probably held them in his hand longer than most were ever worn by Elvis (literally seconds in some cases).

I do agree with the sentiment that they are meant to be enjoyed for what they are - a momento of an evening with Elvis.

...just a fan....