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Re: Fort Worth Texas - Newly remastered Soundboard

Wed Nov 27, 2013 2:36 am

Ciscoking wrote:
xmascarrol wrote: The label maybe be CRAP as my friend Cisco and YDKM say but to us who dont have the original sory not CRAP.

You got me friend ...I said when you don`t have the originals it is a good idea..but they should mention it is a straight copy of those. ..for those who own the real Mac is the end it isn`t good work anyway..just a copy and paste job..with bad cover art..

To be fair both the flyer and the CD tell us it's remastered from the original source.

From the booklet

"The main show on this CD was previously released on the cd "The man in white vol 1" released in 2002 by the Lone Star label.The recordings from June 3rd 1976 were previously released on the cd's "Cajun Tornado" and "The Elvis Presley Show".We've used the original sources and remastered the sound"

So at least they are not claiming anything false as far as new sources are concerned and are upfront in telling us where it came from.
If you don't have The Man In White vol 1 (which I don't) this is worth having.


Re: Fort Worth Texas - Newly remastered Soundboard

Thu Dec 19, 2013 4:41 am

I didn't get the original release so I for one am very happy with this one. When old CDs are re-released and you may have missed it first time round there's no problem. Some are calling it crap, but it's not. It's only crap if it was claiming to be something it's not, but they have been upfront with telling us theres nothing new on the cd.