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Question to Czech cd The jailhouse Rock Sessions

Sat May 10, 2003 7:37 pm

Can anybody tell me if the take numbers listed on this release
are correct ? If not, do you know the correct takes ?
Has everything been availible before or is there something new
on this release ?
Any help is highly appreciated.

Sat May 10, 2003 10:48 pm

Some of these take numbers are incorrect. For the correct take numbers (espeially the versions of Young and Beautiful), try the following links from the Masters and Sessions website of Steve Sholes:

Mike C

Sat May 10, 2003 11:04 pm

Hi Cisco King,

I have this release and I can tell you the take numbers are mostly wrong. It is a compilation of stuff from official releases and some alternates from the Radio Recorders boot CD of the same name. Here's the correct tracklisting with take numbers. All but one have been released officially now, and there are several takes repeated despite being labelled as different takes. The quality is quite poor on the takes taken from boot sources, and most of these run too fast.

1 Young And Beautiful (solo version, 2005-03)
2 Young And Beautiful (2004-22, master)
3 Young And Beautiful (2004-18) about 3% too fast - still unreleased
4 Young And Beautiful (movie end version, splice of 2004-08/12/18/22)
5 Jailhouse Rock (2001-05)
6 Jailhouse Rock (2001-06, master with long fade)
7 Jailhouse Rock (2001-05) about 2% too fast
8 I Want To Be Free (prison TV version, splice of 2009-10/11/12)
9 Baby I Don't Care (2013-16 + vocal overdub 2021-06, master)
10 Don't Leave Me Now (original master from 23/2/57, H2WB 0414-29)
11 Don't Leave Me Now ('hit record' version, 2017-18) 2-3% too fast
12 Don't Leave Me Now ('hit record' version, 2017-21) 2-3% too fast
13 Don't Leave Me Now ('hit record' version, 2017-21) 2-3% too fast
14 Don't Leave Me Now (Elvis & piano version, 2016-02)
15 Treat Me Nice (splice of 2008-10/13)
16 Treat Me Nice (stereo version, splice of 2008-10/13 + guitar overdubs)
17 Young And Beautiful (2004-22, master)
18 Jailhouse Rock (2001-06, master)
19 I Want To Be Free (splice of 2010-11/2011-02(insert)/2012-05(insert), master)
20 Baby I Don't Care (2013-16 + vocal overdub 2021-06, master)
21 Don't Leave Me Now (2022-12, master)
22 Treat Me Nice (remake from 5/9/57, H2PB 5523-15)
23 Elvis Sails

Hope that helps.