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elvis and his scarfs

Fri Aug 23, 2013 2:34 pm

I found a link on the internet about a part of the history behind the elvis scarf.

I dont know the exact year the opportunity village made elvis his scarfs... in my opinion the colonel later bought them outside of the usa for a very low price. He kept a 50% for the souvenir stand and the other part he sold for a big price to elvis. And the colonel made a proffit...


Knowing this is not the complete story maby some of you can give more information like the other company who made elvis his stage scarfs or since when elvis his signature came on his scarfs...

Re: elvis and his scarfs

Sat Aug 24, 2013 5:37 am

dont forget the rare International scarves and the Hilton Scarves.
Joe K




Re: elvis and his scarfs

Sat Aug 24, 2013 4:46 pm

Thanks for posting the video. So the woman in the video is saying that Elvis' scarves were made by "Opportunity Village" in Las Vegas?

But I remember reading somewhere that the Colonel used to get Elvis' scarves from an Asian gentleman who owned a factory in the Far East. As the story goes, some of the Memphis Mafia were tasked with removing the "Made in Korea" labels from all of the scarves.


Just found this thread here on FECC about Elvis' 1975 scarves being made in Korea:


Ed Bonja recollection as told on the DVD release Elvis, The Colonel & Me

"One of the funny things that happened while I was with Elvis was about the scarves that he threw out from the stage. We were in Las Vegas in early 1975 probably late January, February for the engagement, and one evening the Colonel and I were not in the booth, we were standing in the back of the showroom and Elvis threw out a ton of scarves. He was just throwing them out like crazy. And Charlie was bringing them over to him. Boy they were going so fast. After the show the Colonel had Joe Esposito come up to the casino managers office and he asked him how much those scarves cost. And if I remember correctly Joe said they were like $25 each. Which I think is pretty expensive to keep throwing that many scarves out. Of course I don't have the money that Elvis had but anyway the Colonel said 'Boy that is getting expensive isn't it?' A little while later Arty Newman, who was one of the assistants at the casino, assistant manager, came into the casino office and he brought with him a gentleman who was from Korea, who was the leader of a gambling junket. And the man coincidentally owned sewing machine factories that made clothes and all kinds of other materials. And the Colonel got to talking to him and he said 'You know we have those scarves that Elvis throws out. Could you make something like this? Maybe even make it a little bit bigger, but nice fabric, nice material, so that it looks good. And maybe put Elvis name on it. Silk-screen his name on it.' And the guy says 'Sure I can do that with no problem." And the Colonel said 'How much would it cost me to have those made? I would like ten diffrent colors.' And the guys said 'Well how many do you want?' '50,000.' He says 'Costs you 99 cents each.' Colonel said 'Let's put in the order.'

Weeks later we went back, we were at the studio, our offices at MGM Studios in Culver City and we got a phone call that the scarves were in, but that the customs officials would not release the scarves to be delivered to our office, because they were not labeled were they were from. Each scarf had to have a label on it saying Made in Korea. So the manufacturer had to hire a company to open each box up and take every single scarf out and put a label on it Made in Korea. Couple of weeks went by, they were finally delivered to our offices. When the Colonel saw the scarves with the labels he says 'Oh we can't have these Made In Korea labels on here, we gotta get rid of these. Eddie make arragements. Get these taken off.' So I called two of my brothers, called a couple of my cousins and brought them all down to the office. And for a week the took labels of all the scarves that had just put the labels on them.

Then we had all the scarves and we were gonna do two things with them. One we were gonna supply Elvis with scarves and two we were gonna sell them on tour for $5 each, on tour and in Las Vegas. So when we went on tour the Colonel talked to Elvis and his father Vernon and made a deal with him instead of buying the scarves from this other guy for $25 he would buy them from the Colonel for $5. So he said 'Any time you want scarves send Joe over to Seattle and give him as many scarves as Joe wants.' And Joe would sign receipts for the scarves."Report this postReply with quote

Re: elvis and his scarfs

Sat Aug 24, 2013 9:36 pm

Thats the story i remember... a great story and typical the colonel.
So before 1975 or until 1975 it could be true Elvis got his scarf from the oppertunity village in vegas. And from that time the scarfs had elvis his signature. I wonder who made the different inprints like the scarfs from joe krein's collection, knowing these are from different years?

Re: elvis and his scarfs

Sun Aug 25, 2013 7:14 am

Maby it was just for the first season of las vegas elvis had different scarfs, but on the other hand she was talking about the aloha show.
A price of 25 dollar is very nice for a white scarf to spend on oppertunity village...

Re: elvis and his scarfs

Sun Aug 25, 2013 11:25 pm

Penn Jillette says something about Donald Trump that could easily have applied to Elvis Presley, also...
2:43 to 2:57 mark...