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EPE Shuts Down Show In Munich

Sat May 10, 2003 3:10 pm

I just read a story on about a non-profit theatre in Munich having to cancel a planned show featuring the music of Elvis; the show was not going to feature impersonators.

Apparently, EPE sent them the famous "cease and decist" letter, threatening to shut down the theatre if the show went on.
Okay, now I am going to get on soap box!

First of all, I can understand EPE wanting to preserve Elvis image and music. I agree there have been times in which his image has been dragged through the mud and undeservingly so. However, I believe that EPE has also been out of line as well. I mean this theatre was a "non-profit" organization. The show was "not using impersonators". True, many impersonators portray Elvis in such a humiliating manner they shouldn't be allowed to perform. However, in this case it seams the presentation was intended to be in a more positive manner.

Now then, since EPE is supposed to be protecting Elvis image, perhaps they should go back and research Elvis. If my memory (and the facts) serve me correctly, Elvis Presley was one of, if not, the most charitable and giving person in the entertainment field. Elvis had a heart and was not a greedy S.O.B. out to rake in all the $$$ that he could and use it for extremist powerful reasons. Elvis always it seamed tried to "give back" to the public what he knew he had been blessed with. If Elvis were alive to see this happen I wonder how he'd react? I think he'd send them a donation or a fleet of cars!

And, to see EPE behaving in this manner makes me SICK!
As I mentioned earlier, one of the things Elvis Presley stood for (which is sometimes forgotten)was charity. He loved to give to those who were unfortunate because he knew what it was like to be on the other side of that coin. EPE, I would think, would remember that and in the future try to act in a manner that would correctly act in Elvis' image.

I apologize for rambling so long, and if many of you think I have misrepresented this story I hope you'll forgive me. Thank you for letting me voice my opinion.

Sat May 10, 2003 4:04 pm

They are bullies,simple as that.

They did absolutely nothing about the Vegan society using Elvis's name,likeness and image in a very unflattering way,a year or so ago.

If I'm not mistaken,this Vegan society even had a giant toilet on there "tour" with a slogan like "don't die on the toilet like Elvis",and EPE didn't intervene.

So why are they picking on this theatre in Munich?

Sun May 11, 2003 3:47 am


I live in Munich and the show here in the "German Theater" is closed because it is an Elvis impersonating Show with an Elvis impersonator (and not a good one in my opinion). The show goes about Elvis live from the beginning till his death. But not only EPE want to close the show, the town mayor want close it also because the Elvis Impersonator is an Scientologiest :o
The "German Theater" is an high profit theater.

The show wich is closed in the non profit theater is in Waterbury. The show named "Seven Angels" and runs in the 12 Season. The show contains five performers and a pianist telling the singer's life through narration and his songs. No one "played" Presley.

Sun May 11, 2003 3:35 pm

the vegans was PETA organisation