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Best official live version of "Suspicious Minds"

Fri May 09, 2003 7:44 pm

A "non-Elvis" friend of mine asked for me to suggest an Elvis cd that had a good live version of "Suspicious Minds". He said he'd like about 2 cd's worth of Vegas material. I was pleasantly surprised;-)

He didn't like the tracklisting on the "That's The Way It Was" 3 cd set, so I suggested "Elvis In Person". I thought this had the best live version of "Suspicious Minds", clocking in at nearly 8 minutes, at a time when the song was still fresh for him and number 1 in the charts!

The "Elvis In Person" cd does have alot of drawbacks, the artwork from the '68 special and bleeped Elvis comment among them, but it was only $5.95 used at the shop we were at and thought it was a good entry-level Elvis item and a price that couldn't be beat. I haven't gotten feedback from him yet.

Anyway, it's always exciting when someone shows an interest in Elvis, especially beyong the usual "Hound Dog"/"Blue Suede Shoes"/Jailhouse Rock" stuff.


Fri May 09, 2003 8:06 pm

As much as I favor this album, folks who come at Elvis from "Suspicious Minds" may not like all the great '50s rockers on this album (it's very different in appeal) , and I would lead them to things closer to that era, be it in the studio or a different live set.

Sat May 10, 2003 12:19 am

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FTD Live In Las Vegas Track 14 "Suspicious Minds" is very impressive, and it occurred before the single was released, and perhaps the first time he adlibbed shove it up your nose.

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Sat May 10, 2003 12:29 am

I gotta go with the THATS THE WAY IT IS one. PLus since it was in the original movie, you actually know the moves he makes. I wish there had been a complete SUSPIOUS MINDS in ELVIS ON TOUR, the movie just didn't seem complete without it.

Sat May 10, 2003 1:59 am

Lonnie, can't you post that picture but just go back a few frames please? :twisted:

Sat May 10, 2003 2:36 am

I think the "In Person At the International" was a great choice.
It has the best version of "Suspicious Minds" and the old songs don't sound old. :wink:


Sat May 10, 2003 2:49 am

THis is the best I could do. Too bad it's not on DVD!

SUSPICIOUS MINDS, LIVE is really hard to me!

Sat May 10, 2003 3:16 am

I don't know why! But, SUSPICIOUS MINDS, the single, to me is one of the outmost classics ever recorded by anyone! I don't undermine anything that Elvis did before or after! But, SUSPICIOUS MINDS, somehow
melts down what Elvis Presley ever was, to me!
That song, that performance is one of the many I never get tired of!
Then, listening to it live, first time from IN PERSON, I could not really get it!
As with IN THE GHETTO! Sorry to say folks, but SUSPICIOUS MINDS and IN THE GHETTO are two songs I never felt good about , when Elvis did them live! Sorry!
But, then again, to the topic: I tend to go for two: The IN PERSON version and the ALOHA version! Still: Hard question!

Sat May 10, 2003 3:23 am

His show was never the same to me after he stopped doing it live. It was always a highlight to me.

Sat May 10, 2003 3:26 am

That's it Lonnie.
Did you have a launch? I was buried in a beaver!

Sat May 10, 2003 3:59 am

Try the Feb'70 performance first issued on 1979's Behind Closed Doors (Audifon) -- the quality is superb and the rendition just about perfect.

Hi Doc!

Sat May 10, 2003 4:05 am

I've always been tender about the feb. 70's recordings!
Since you seem to be more deeply into it, than I am, I would be happy to know more about SUSPICIOUS MINDS, live!
As you could read from my comment, I never really found a live version of this song that mirror the original! (Meaning the feel that's within the original) Anything?

Sat May 10, 2003 4:09 am

Nothing Elvis cut with the American Studios musicians was matched onstage -- although my suggestion comes close. And your subject title does ask for the "best" live version after all.

God bless!


Sat May 10, 2003 4:21 am

Thank you Doc! That LP set was the closest I ever got to dwelve into the bootleg area!
I had it on tape, but erased it! (What a shame!)
Then again, I agree with you on the comment! Don't know why he didn't stay closer to the originals there!
As you can see and hear how well he did live with the june '70's recordings!!??

Sat May 10, 2003 5:17 am

Hi doc
I Also Like That version from Behind Closed Doors lps

has bmg release that version yet.

curtis simpkins

Sat May 10, 2003 5:51 am

No BMG has not released this version - and it is unclear why not. As DJC said, it is a dynamite version. And it is from a acetate on Behind Closed Doors so it must have been considered the first or second choice vesion from the Feburary batch of recording.

Unfortunately, on the 1999 upgrade of On Stage (and also Disc 3 of the Live in Las Vegas Set), BMG used an inferior version where Elvis commitemnt to perform the song serious is lacking.

Any thoughts on why this has not been released, Dr. John?

Mike C

Sat May 10, 2003 7:02 am

The ghost of Tom Parker hovering around the On Stage 99 reissue team?

Sat May 10, 2003 7:22 am

Good one, Dr. John :lol:

Maybe, the tape is lost?

Mike C

Sat May 10, 2003 7:27 am

No, it's in the vaults.

It took RCA/BMG 19 years to issue the superior Feb'70 live version of "Kentucky Rain" -- Elvis Aron Presley (80) to On Stage 99 -- so just be patient ...

Sat May 10, 2003 7:28 am

well it be on the new box set

or well it be on ftd soon

curtis simpkins

Sat May 10, 2003 11:14 am

The version from the original TTWII movie is the best live version; I think. After an eighty minute high energy show, he puts all he has left into his performance on Suspicious Minds.
And I still think Meg Ryan was inspired by the ending of this song when she performed her famous coffee shop scene.

Sat May 10, 2003 4:38 pm

i love most versions from 1969-70, i'd say '69 has the raw edge but late '70 is more emotional and powerful. I also think the band really grew to play this song as months went by.

S Minds "At the International"

Sat May 10, 2003 9:21 pm

I go for "At the International" just because the audio mix is so damn good. Sure Elvis fluffs the end a bit but the sound makes the "In Person" version pale in comparison.
And to think that Elvis could lay on show stopping performances like these before the single was even released or known by the audience. Just amazing.
and by TTWII Elvis was already playing it too fast.

I spent hours on headphones one day just listening to all the (BMG) versions.
By ‘TTWII’ Elvis had already sped up the arrangement far above the pacing of these 1969 shows and this is a totally astounding performance.
Elvis announces “A new song I just recorded and it should be out in a week or so. I hope you like it”. To witness such a performance as this before you had even heard the song must have been incredible. After this the low points of his movie period would all be forgotten – Elvis was BACK!

The mix here is immaculate with all the individual instruments & orchestra melding into a fantastically powerful performance. Elvis bares his soul and keeps pushing the song, and the band, on & on. He even goes past the dynamic version that has always been rated so highly from “In Person” with yet another extra fade and reprise. This, along with the nice extended intro and the dynamic mix, makes this one of the recorded highlights of his whole career. The ending slightly falters (the band must have been wondering how long Elvis could possibly continue for!), which maybe explains why it didn’t make the ‘In Person’ album, but after hearing this I promise you will never play that old version again! <<<< ... tional.htm


Sat May 10, 2003 9:39 pm

Getting back to the original question, "In Person" is a great album, but I wouldn't make it the first album of someone who just liked "Suspicious Minds." That person needs "From Elvis In Memphis," if not "ELV1S 30#1 Hits."

Sat May 10, 2003 9:56 pm

IMHO the best live version of this song can be found on the TTWII SE box set (Disc 2). It's a crying shame they cut it out of TTWII SE (the movie). The August 12th, 1970 MS is still the hottest candidate to be Elvis' best concert ever in my eyes ...