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Re: All Elvis Radio on Sirius

Thu Jan 10, 2013 2:17 am

josephinebeau wrote:The only reason I purchased Sirius is for the Elvis Channel. I would give it a "B" at best. The DJ"S seem great and they have fantastic interviews with fans, musicians, family members, friends of Elvis. I love when they play a concert or interview in it's entirety. The celebrity guest DJ are fantastic, once I listened Jewel DJ for an hour and play her favorite Elvis songs and tell stories about how his music affected her life and career, pretty cool.
The worst thing can be the poor song selection, playing "Petunia the Gardener's Daughter" or "Do the Clam" does nothing positive for Elvis and anyone who knows anything about the man knows how angry and embarrassed he would be for someone to be playing that trash. Especially on his own property! :evil:
I totally agree with the comments about the 1971 version of "My Way', oh man is it bad and they always want to play it at 9am, really? :roll:

I know this is not nice but as much of a nice guy as I think George Klein probably is he is getting a little senile. Once at 4pm on a Friday he discussed with the Governor of Arkansas Elvis telling a story about Ann Margaret performing oral sex on Elvis on the first date. I was like seriously dude there are kids probably listening to this channel with parents or grandparents could we save that for later, geez.

My knees virtually buckled at the thought of this. :smt004

Re: All Elvis Radio on Sirius

Sun Jan 13, 2013 7:52 pm

I usually tune in for part of GK's show on Friday and spot listening on the weekends.
Bottom line, it is a good way to reach the casual fan or younger people looking to discover EP.
Let's face it there is not much play on non satellite radio these days.